Trapped by a boar hunt in a French forest | Hunting

For the final 21 years we’ve been cautious going out for our every day stroll on searching days (“Not all traditions are good”: Fatal accidents deepen French hunting chasm, January 2). We reside in the midst of a French nationwide forest, the place even going to a safer place might require stopping the hunters lined up alongside our forest path. Lately, we made a mistake of judgment and located ourselves in a distant spot surrounded by a herd of hounds making an attempt to drive out a wild boar.

My husband, who all the time claimed he could not sing, stated, “What are we going to do with the drunken sailor?” We continued till we reached the safety of our gate, 20 minutes away. Evidently, the ads that hunters hung on the entrance of the forest, or not, however to warn individuals about searching, have been fully ineffective to us.
joan lewis
St-√Čtienne-de-Gourgas, France

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