Top 10 Anime with Elemental Magic

Naruto Uzumaki using shadow clone jutsu to create wind rasenshuriken; Tanjiro Kamado using Hinokami Kagura in Demon Slayer; and Aang airbending in Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Mystical spells and non secular spells occupy a big place in anime. Most shonen and plenty of shojo anime have varied magic methods of their universes. Nonetheless, among the most fascinating sources of anime magic come from the weather.

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Elemental magic makes use of earthly forces equivalent to earth, hearth, water, or air to reinforce or create great shows of magic. Whereas many characters can solely management one merchandise, there are a number of that may use all of them. Irrespective of how the magic seems, animes with elemental magic are among the greatest reveals when it comes to each visible and energy.

10/10 My Subsequent Life as a Villain: All Roads Result in Apocalypse!! Has an Elemental Magic Academy

My Next Life as a Villain: All Roads Lead to the Apocalypse!  Katarina and her friends are sitting together at a table.

The Magic Academy is a prestigious wizarding college. My Next Life as a Villain: All Roads Lead to Apocalypse!!. All noble-born youth are despatched to highschool to focus on a specific type of magic: hearth, wind, water or earth. Nonetheless, there are a number of excellent college students who research mild magic, together with the play’s protagonist, Maria.

This magic is so highly effective and uncommon that it’s envied by virtually everybody. Whereas the hero of the present, Katarina Claes can barely perform her world magicThe totally different key options give viewers a glimpse into the varied personalities of every particular person vying for Katarina’s hand.

9/10 Prétear Owns a Group of Elemental Knights

Sesame, Himeno, and Hayate from Pretear

Himeno Awayuki finds himself in a whirlwind of magic when he unintentionally encounters Hayate and the opposite Leafé Knights. Knights, every with a distinct elemental enchantment, are the sworn protectors of the world who can unite with the legendary Prétear to take down the evil forces.

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Himeno ultimately turns into Prétear and bonds with all Leafé knights, revealing his elemental powers towards the Princess of Darkness. Whereas every Leafé Knight’s energy has its personal strengths, Himeno deftly makes use of all of them to take down his foes. Plus, she will get a brand new outfit each time she casts a Pretes, which makes their mixed magic each trendy and highly effective.

8/10 Promare Reveals A Secret Plan Utilizing Burnish

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promise An anime movie in regards to the battle between people and an developed model of people, referred to as Burnish. Burnish have flame powers. They’ve an virtually infinite flame resistance and are instantly turned to ash once they die. Most of them are handled like criminals, even when they do not need to do any hurt.

Understanding the formidable would possibly of her powers, Mad Burnish burns simply to ship a message. They by no means kill and at all times attempt to depart an escape route for his or her victims. Their compassion is just clouded by their sheer power and the brilliance of their flames. Regardless of all their hardships, their hearth is blazing, hoping to someday be handled the identical as everybody else.

7/10 Firefighters Combat Hells and Discover Their Supply

Shinra from Fire Force

Firepower It’s the story of the world after an important catastrophe. The world was engulfed in flames with solely a small share of the inhabitants surviving. Nonetheless, the remaining communities nonetheless dwell in concern, as random spontaneous combustion occasions have plagued them for the reason that nice hearth.

To combat these Hells, a courageous group often known as the Fireplace Troopers search to relaxation the Hells in order that their hosts can die peacefully and the residing aren’t harmed. Moreover, some troopers have a wide range of capturing talents that can support them in battle. Fiery fights and brilliant mild reveals Firepower an energetic and breathtaking anime.

6/10 Pokémon Has Many Totally different Sorts of Components

Pokemon advanced Ash Pikachu Brock May

Pokémon A traditional anime about Ash Ketchum making an attempt to catch all of the Pokémon he can catch and grow to be a Pokémon Grasp. Whereas people haven’t got powers of their very own, Pokémon every have a distinct sort of factor that provides them their look and signature strikes.

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Pokémon can even have a bonus or drawback in any combat, relying on their sort. For instance, Fireplace Pokémon are weak towards Water sorts, whereas Grass is robust towards Water sorts. As new Pokémon and new species are found, Ash realizes he has rather a lot to find.

5/10 Sailor Moon Personifies Her Sailor Scout’s Gods and Planets


Usagi Tsukino and friends good Marine Scouts sailor of the month defending the universe. Every woman relies on a distinct planet with elemental powers that match the Roman gods from whom the planets in our photo voltaic system are named.

Sailor Mars has firepower. Sailor Jupiter has lightning. Every of those distinctive powers not solely hints at their namesake, but in addition expresses their personalities. Additionally, their energy includes a preventing sequence that by no means fails to excite audiences earlier than every assault.

4/10 Naruto Characters Use Components in Their Jutsu

Naruto gives a peace sign at Naruto.

ninjas naruto Use their chakras to reap the benefits of talents that can support them of their preventing type. These powers have elemental spells hooked up to them and dozens of highly effective, fascinating jutsu are showcased all through the sequence.

Whereas the precise factor and elegance will differ, their power won’t be examined. Wind, water, and ice are parts that may be present in his magic. narutoand a few characters focus on sure gadgets. For instance, the Uchiha clan mastered the Fireplace Launch jutsu.

Roy Mustang will fight Lust in Fullmetal Alchemist.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood It has many proficient characters who use alchemy in battle. Whereas anybody who is aware of easy methods to create alchemy can use alchemy, there are a choose few who focus on elemental alchemy.

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Roy Mustang, for instance, is the one one to make use of Flame Alchemy as he memorized his formulation after which destroyed it. Moreover, Isaac McDougal, a corrupt soldier, strictly makes use of water alchemy in his fights. Though there are numerous different types, core features are some of the most destructive..

2/10 Demon Slayer Encourages Totally different Respiration Types

Zenitsu and Tanjiro from Demon Slayer attack

demon hunter It follows titled assassins, every with several types of respiratory types that improve swordsmanship. Whereas most individuals use the fundamental parts like wind, hearth and water, others have developed particular respiratory strategies by combining totally different parts.

These respiratory types aren’t solely distinctive and highly effective, but in addition attractive of their software. animation demon hunter emphasizing every respiratory type, making parts come to life as characters combat. Nice visuals and spectacular assaults, demon hunter A should watch elemental magic anime.

1/10 Avatar: The Final Airbender Focuses on a Individual Who Has Mastered All of the Components

Zuko and Azula battle Son Agni Kai in Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar The Last Airbender is is An award-winning show after a young boy named Aang with the potential to wield 4 basic forces concurrently: Fireplace, Earth, Air, and Water. Whereas the overall inhabitants would not have powers, these with talents can solely use one factor. With the title of Avatar, Aang should grasp all 4 parts to totally fulfill his tasks.

Whereas most benders can solely use one factor, there are variations on every. Fireplace can flip into lightning bending, earth can bend steel, and waterbenders may even bend folks’s blood. The assorted types and evolutions of this energy system make it fascinating not solely from a narrative standpoint but in addition visually.

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