The Most Powerful One Piece Pirates Who Died Before The Anime Begins

Featured One Piece characters who died before the anime Roger Oden

A chunk has been on the air for many years. Many new characters have been added throughout this time, whereas others have been modified. Nearly all of the characters had some sort of position to play within the collection.

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However what in regards to the characters that existed years earlier than the beginning of the collection? A piece anime? Though they have been initially absent from the anime, lots of them have been included within the story over time. Whereas their appearances are restricted, it is exhausting to disclaim their significance to the story as a complete.


7/7 Objective D. Roger

Roger's Execution

Gol D. Roger was the primary pirate to circumnavigate the world and earn the title of “Pirates King”. Anybody who met Roger was immediately captivated by his charisma. Roger was a fearless, strong-willed particular person. Irrespective of how dangerous the circumstances appeared to him, Roger by no means gave in.

These qualities have been the one motive Roger conquered the seas. In terms of energy, Roger might be the strongest character within the collection up to now. Regardless of his sickness and never being a satan fruit, Roger might be cautious of the armed Whitebeard. strongest Paramecia type devil fruit. There are some issues about Roger that also stay a thriller, however they are going to be revealed in the direction of the top of the collection.

6/7 Kozuki Oden

One Piece Kozuki Oden wields two sword styles

Kozuki Oden was a legendary samurai from Wano. Oden’s identify has been talked about many instances after the time warp, however not till then. Straw Hats enter Wano The room lastly revealed the mighty samurai. Oden died years earlier than the story started, however his fame has by no means been misplaced.

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His identify lived on via the 9 Scabbards who devoted their lives to him. Kozuki Oden was extremely sturdy; she managed to injure Kaido in her prime. Oden’s dream was to turn out to be a pirate, and that dream got here true when the Whitebeard Pirates arrived in Wano. Oden grew to become the Second Division of the Whitebeard Pirates and later joined Gol D. Roger on his ultimate voyage to the island.

5/7 Rocks D.Xebec

Rocks D. Xebec Laughs

Rocks D. Xebec is one of the most used. vital names in historical past A chunk. He was a ruthless man who valued energy above all else. Xebec’s group consists of Whitebeard, Charlotte Linlin, Shiki, Kaido and so forth. It was full of among the most vital rookies of the period.

Xebec’s crew have been fairly dysfunctional, however he stored them below management utilizing his energy. To Sengoku, Xebec was Roger’s most formidable foe, much more so than Whitebeard. Not a lot is thought about Xebec besides that this can be very highly effective. He’s stated to have died within the Valley of God occasion, which occurred years earlier than the present timeline.

4/7 Don Quixote Rosinante

Corazon dies in the snow

Donquixote Rosinante was the youthful brother of Donquixote Doflamingo. In contrast to her evil older brother, Rosinante was a good-natured one who tried to save lots of as many lives as she might.

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When Rosinante discovered of Regulation, she was able to reveal her identification to guard the younger boy she barely knew. Rosinante left her brother’s crew and launched into a journey with Regulation to discover a treatment for Amber Lead Syndrome. When all else failed, Rosinante sacrificed herself to steal the Ope Ope no Mi, which she later gave to Regulation. Rosinante remained aware even in her final moments to assist Regulation escape from Doflamingo.

3/7 Fishing Tiger

Fisher Tiger from the One Piece anime

Fisher Tiger is arguably among the best A chunk characters. Regardless of his lack of flamboyant powers, Fishing Tiger made a reputation for himself for his actions. Infiltrated the Holy Land of Marijoa; for many characters in A Piece, that is past their wildest desires. Nonetheless, Fisher Tiger confidently managed to realize this feat.

Fisher Tiger efficiently freed people who have been enslaved by the Celestial Dragons. His efforts have been the one motive the Boa brothers have been capable of reside a traditional life. Fisher Tiger bled to loss of life after being ambushed by the Marine Corps.

2/7 Zepo

Zepo from One Piece

Zepo a Mink Tribe member Who was launched in Pedro’s comeback. He was Bepo’s older brother, however left Zou to the Nox Pirates. Zepo traveled with the crew for some time, however his journey was interrupted when he was caught by Huge Mother.

Sadly, Huge Mother was killed after utilizing Q&A no Mi’s energy on her. The Zepo’s energy stage continues to be unknown, however contemplating it managed to sail via the waters of the New World with out an excessive amount of hassle, it means it is fairly robust. As a Mink, Zepo was additionally capable of wield the very highly effective weapon Electro.

1/7 John

John from One Piece

John was first launched Thriller Bark arc As one of many Generic Zombies. Years earlier than the story, John was a member of the legendary Rocks Pirates. He left the crew with the opposite members after their defeat at God Valley. Quickly after, John began his personal pirate crew, which quickly grew to become well-known.

He grew to become well-known for amassing the world’s most wonderful treasures. His treasure has changed him in fame, and thus far many lively pirates have tried to grab it, however none have been profitable. It is unclear how he died, however it’s protected to imagine he in all probability died in a battle.

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