The Fire Hunter – Season 1 Episode 1 “Departure” Summary & Review

The Fire Hunter - Season 1 Episode 1 "Departure" Summary & Review


Episode 1 of The Fireplace Hunter begins with a woman watching a firefighter die earlier than her eyes. Earlier than they move, he tells the woman that her canine’s identify is Kanata. Kanata carries the person’s sickle to a woman named Touko. His aunt tells him that it will be in his curiosity to return the safety stone, Kanata, and the firehunter’s sickle to the capital.

Touko is afraid she will not be capable to make it on her personal. Touko’s grandmother says firefighters are noble individuals who danger their lives to assist them thrive. She tells Touko that she should persuade Kanata to return the hunter to her household. At evening, Touko goes out to see the Tokohime instrument, however is stopped by her sister. Her older sister tells her that she hates it from the underside of her coronary heart and must be ashamed for letting a person die earlier than her eyes.

Within the morning, Touko’s aunt (Akari) informs the papermakers of what has occurred between the fireplace hunter Touko and Kanata. He asks them to ship Touko and Kanata within the subsequent truck to the capital and provides him muku paper. They might have gone themselves, however Kanata turns into murderous within the presence of Touko in addition to the others. The paper maker tells Akari that they can not provide muku paper to Touko as it’s a scarce useful resource. Akari argues that it’s already embarrassing for them to ship somewhat woman to the capital to repay their money owed.

Subsequently, offering him with the suitable automobiles for the journey will make him really feel higher. If Touko had gone to the capital and have become homeless, the Girl Goddess who guarded their village would have despised them. The paper maker guarantees to present Touko 5 sheets of muku paper, regardless that she has to work time beyond regulation. Touko and Akari depart the station and talk about why Touko escaped into the forest. Akari wonders if Touko has gone to purchase medication from the tree folks.

Akari says they won’t give medication to her eye and their merchandise are poisonous to them. Akari is aware of that Touko went to the forest to get her medication, however she guarantees her eyes will work sooner or later. Because the wind blows by means of the timber, we study this world. Initially, people may generate and use fireplace, however after rebuilding, they may not contact the flames on account of their our bodies igniting. The wars ended and darkish forests with flame beasts appeared, inflicting folks to concern the darkish and fireplace.

Someday, sturdy winds brought about large flames to erupt within the village, destroying Touko’s dad and mom and 17 different villagers, together with Akari’s eyesight. Akari guarantees Touko that they’ll take care of her grandmother whereas she is away. All of the sudden a set truck arrives within the village and we be taught that this occurs each six months. That is when the village is at its most vigorous as a result of they flock to commerce with vehicles.

He buys items and stays there for 2 days. At evening we see Akari packing Touko’s issues and placing the Tokohime instrument in her bag. The narrator says that though pure flames imply apocalypse for people, they start to really feel like they’re utilizing it by naming their youngsters fireplace or shades of purple. Touko and Kanata go to the truck. The conductor (Enji) says he can drop her off, however it’ll take them 5 months to succeed in the capital.

They must cease a number of occasions throughout their journey and, if fortunate, it might take a yr or two to return. His boss (Sakuroku) says that there’s a chance that he might not come out alive as they’ll encounter harmful flame monsters alongside the best way. Touko needs to maneuver ahead in opposition to all odds and guarantees to not cease them. Touko introduces herself and Kanata to Sakuroku, and so they all depart the village.

The narrator discusses fireplace as an emblem of struggling as we see a boy and his sister mourn over the loss of life of their mom. The narrator shares how the mom as soon as labored in a manufacturing facility and others like her shared the same destiny. The boy (Koushi) returns residence along with his sister and sees a letter addressed to him from the Okibi Household at their entrance door. The episode ends with a sq. from the Okibi household mansion.

Chapter Overview

In a season filled with romantic comedies and motion, Fireplace Hunter immerses us in a world that evokes sturdy melancholy emotions and humorous tales. The primary episode was very explanatory with its narration, however it arrange the atmosphere our characters have been in nicely. The opening scene will draw folks’s consideration with the heated confrontation between the fireplace hunter and the flame demon.

Many viewers would argue that this can be a highly effective means to attract them into the plot. On this regard, many will sympathize with Touko. He misplaced his household, was ostracized by his cousin, and needed to embark on a life-threatening journey on account of Kanata’s devotion to him. It is unlucky, however her decided demeanor will persuade viewers that she’s a courageous younger woman.

Plus, Fireplace Hunter’s artwork model helps him stand out from the remainder of the work this season. A change in star velocity in comparison with different sequence aired this season. From the surroundings to the character designs, I can not assist feeling immersed in every part. I can not wait to see what monsters and people Touko and Kanata will encounter on their bleak journey.

Total, this was an awesome introduction to the Fireplace Hunter. He takes time along with his explanations and provides viewers issues to consider. Let’s hope the sequence can dwell as much as its guarantees.

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