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We return to the identical patch of southern sky final week to trace down the faint constellation of Lepus the Rabbit. Positioned simply south of the celestial equator, Lepus is seen from each hemispheres right now of yr.

The chart exhibits the view trying south from London at 10:00 GMT on January 9.

There isn’t any specific classical legend of the hare, though the constellation was recorded by the astronomer Ptolemy within the second century AD as one of many unique 48 constellations. The closest story comes from Aesop’s fables circa 600 BC and is the well-known story of the tortoise and the hare. Nonetheless, any connection is weak as there is no such thing as a turtle constellation. As an alternative, the connotation may be overwhelming for first-time stargazers as a result of the star signal may be fairly simply imagined as a bunny with two large ears.

Positioned on the foot of the hunter Orion, it’s stated to be Orion’s prey, pursued by Orion’s looking canine Canis Main and Canis Minor. Lepus would not have significantly shiny stars, as an alternative memorize the form after which wait exterior to your eyes to regulate to the darkness. Discover Orion and look beneath his toes, the rabbit will bounce on you.

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