Senior hunter says hunting a man-eater is like looking for a needle in a haystack

Senior hunter says hunting a man-eater is like looking for a needle in a haystack


Ranchi, Jan 5: Veteran Hyderabad-based hunter Nawab Shafath Ali Khan, who has hunted lots of of untamed animals since 1976, is tricked by the Jharkhand forest division into serving to them lure and calm the ‘man-eating’ leopard. Chargeable for the deaths of 4 youngsters within the Garhwa district.

Particularly, Khan has been assigned to many searching operations by varied state governments together with Maharashtra, Bihar and Andhra Pradesh to assist lure fearsome animals together with tigers, leopards, bears and elephants. The Bihar authorities tricked him into killing nilgais in 2016, calling it “free social work”, saying he had killed greater than 250 of the nilgai.


in an interview with Lagatar24.comHe shared his strategies of trapping harmful wild animals and why catching a man-eating animal is like searching for a needle in a haystack.

“To begin with, we’ll have to look at this leopard that ravaged Garhwa. No hint of the animal has been discovered up to now, neither within the cameras put in by the forest division nor within the human recording. So our precedence will likely be to begin every thing from scratch and attempt to discover out the place the animal is likely to be hiding primarily based on the murders it has dedicated,” he mentioned.


He added that it has been tough to get even the pug markings of the animal thus far by the designated workforce. He additionally mentioned that the forest division ordered Khan to not neutralize the animal and to calm it down.

“When an animal is caught, a full inspection is finished to substantiate whether or not it’s the identical man-eater or a traditional leopard. If the trapped animal has any accidents, thorns, muscle accidents, damaged or damaged canines, this means that the animal got here for people as a result of it naturally can’t hunt. “After a radical examination by the veterinarian, we resolve, relying on the well being of the animal, whether or not to depart it in a forest away from human habitat, or to maintain it in a zoo or rescue centre.”

He additionally defined that each human-eating animal is opportunistic and doesn’t think about people their main prey. He mentioned that solely due to sure circumstances they hunted people and even realized that they have been straightforward prey to hunt and eat in comparison with different animals.

Since residents of Garhwa are surrounded by a way of concern after a number of deaths by the man-eating leopard, the skilled hunter recommends having at the very least a 15-watt mild bulb exterior every home within the village to make sure satisfactory lighting and separation. subsequently, homes shouldn’t be surrounded by grass or bushes. He mentioned leopards usually camouflage themselves within the undergrowth, the place they await their prey.

Jharkhand forest division is attempting each attainable method to catch the animal as they lately introduced three cages from Madhya Pradesh to set traps in varied elements of the forest.

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