MxV Ray R&D: Measuring Truck Hunting Effects

FIGURE 1: Hunting motion of a wheelset on track. (Image Courtesy of MxV Rail)

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Yi Wang, Principal Investigator I; Michael Craft, Principal Investigator I; and Walter Rosenberger, Scientist, MxV Rail

FIGURE 1: Hunting motion of a wheelset on rail.  (Image courtesy of MxV Rail)

FIGURE 1: Looking movement of a wheelset on rail. (Picture courtesy of MxV Rail)

RAILWAY AGE, JANUARY 2023 ISSUE: A low-performance car will be hunted on a well-maintained highway. A poorly maintained observe could cause a well-maintained car to catch on.

To enhance truck-hunt detection consistency within the rail {industry}, MxV Rail performed laptop simulations below numerous situations to look at the impact of assorted highway options on truck-hunt measurements. This research was carried out throughout the scope of the American Railroad Affiliation (AAR) Strategic Analysis Initiative (SRI) Program.

Looking is the lateral oscillation of the tapered wheelset on the observe because it tries to take care of the wheelset focus on equal rolling radius factors. Overfishing is characterised by excessive lateral accelerations that may injury the loading, car and highway construction, and in excessive instances, derailment of autos on the highway. In simulation and testing, searching movement is measured by measuring the acceleration of the car because it strikes back and forth, as proven in Determine 1. Each the AAR and the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) have established standards to outline poaching, and railroads outline truck poaching utilizing the proprietary poaching index (HI) measured by a truck poaching detector (THD). Nevertheless, there is no such thing as a industry-wide consensus on highway situations close to THD.

The soundness of a wheelset, which will be thought of as a wheelset’s skill to withstand skidding, is normally measured by the equal taper, which is a operate of the rolling radius variations that rely on the form of each the wheel and the rail profiles. Due to this fact, searching is the results of a mixture of each the car and the observe. A poorly performing car might prey on a well-maintained highway, and a poorly maintained highway might prey on a well-maintained car. A poorly maintained observe may masks the searching propensity of some under-maintained autos by initiating stronger inputs to the car’s lateral motion.

Monitor results have been investigated with a reference car mannequin and wheel profile utilizing NUCARS®, MxV Rail’s trademark proprietary car dynamics simulation software program. Along with car pace, observe enter parameters examined embody observe geometry deviations, design gauge, observe stiffness and damping, observe profiles, and lubrication.

FIGURE 2: Main impact plots exhibiting the relative impact of every variable on most lateral acceleration.
(Picture courtesy of MxV Rail)

Wheel and rail work collectively as a system. Simulations the place wheel-rail mixtures resulted in smaller rolling radius variations between two wheels on a wheelset had decrease lateral accelerations, which is the mixed impact of wheel profile, rail profile, gauge and lubrication. Different highway geometry aberrations helped maintain the searching motion by regularly disturbing the wheelsets and shifting them away from the middle of the highway. Primarily based on the simulation outcomes, the observations relating to the results of pallet on truck searching will be summarized as follows:

  1. By rising the tread contact spacing, gauge enlargement will cut back the equal taper at a given lateral displacement of the wheelset. Decrease equal taper values ​​suggest that the wheelset is extra steady throughout amplitudes over a wider vary of lateral displacement or a wider gauge.
  2. Gauge widening will increase the utmost attainable amplitude of the searching movement when encountering a wheelset with a excessive equal taper.
  3. A narrower measurement than designed might masks the searching amplitude however improve the equal taper and catch frequency.
  4. Lubrication has a smaller impact on predation; nonetheless, autos that skilled decrease wheel-rail friction confirmed much less catch.
  5. Primarily based on NUCARS simulations, observe stiffness and damping appeared to have solely a marginal impact on predation.

The simulation outcomes (Determine 2) present that constant highway situations close to THD websites are important for a constant evaluation of truck searching and will be achieved inside cheap tolerances by controlling highway geometry and lubrication, in addition to grinding to revive rail profiles.

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