Johnny Yong Bosch Returns to Voice Vash for Anime

Johnny Yong Bosch Returns to Voice Vash for Anime

Crunchyroll has solid Johnny Yong Bosch, the unique English voice actor of Vash the Stampede, for the Trigun Stampede reboot sequence.


trigun It was one of many main core anime sequence of the Nineteen Nineties and the rebooted sequence Trigun Stamp It retains the unique vibe alive with the English voice solid of sequence protagonist Vash the Stampede. Johnny Yong Boschthe actor who voiced Vash the Stampede within the authentic 1998 sequence. Each sequence are based mostly on the manga written and illustrated by him. Yasuhiro Nightow. The English dubbing will start weekly, each Saturday from January 21, 2023, following the Japanese simulcast, which airs new episodes each Saturday and premieres on January 7, 2023.

Trigun Stampede: Johnny Yong Bosch Returns to Voice Vash in English
Johnny Yong Bosch voices Stamp Vash in “Trigun Stampede”, picture: Crunchyroll
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Getting the English voice of Vash the Stampede as soon as once more Trigun StampJohnny Yong Bosch, “To voice Stampede Vash within the authentic film trigun sequence is a task that actually kickstarted my voice-over profession, and I am extraordinarily excited to be reprising her on this model new anime adaptation of Orange. I stay up for embarking on this journey as soon as once more with the followers, and I hope new viewers will benefit from the journey as nicely.”

Yong Bosch posted a video of his excitement on Crunchyroll’s Twitter account:

other than trigunHe started out as Johnny Yong Bosch, Adam Park, Black Ranger, Green Zeo, and Green Turbo. Power Rangers Great War. He continued his anime journey by giving the English voices of Kaneda. AKIRAin Renton Eureka Sevenin Kiba wolf rainin Ichigo Kurosaki BleachLelouch in Lamperouge Geass codein Sasori narutoin Artemis sailor of the monthin dress Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaibalion inside promiseand much more.

Here is the English dubbed version of the classic pilot for the original trigun The series in which Yong Bosch is voiced:

Jeremy Inman A voice actor who has also directed ADR’s other anime series, he will serve as ADR Director at English Dub. Golden Kamuy, The Legend of Devil Tanya, DECA-DENCE, Identity: Invaded, and more. when delivering dubbing for Trigun StampInman said, “trigun The anime is copyrighted and I can’t wait to work with Johnny Yong Bosch to bring it back to life with this fresh new take, bringing new fans with great animation, characters while promising old fans the same gun-throwing action. and the story.”

Yoshitsugu MatsuokaHe is best known for voicing Inosuke Hashibira. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and Kirito Sword Art OnlineVoices Vash the Stampede in the Japanese version Trigun Stamp.

Trigun Stamp running crispy roll.

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