hololive’s Amane Kanata Releases Original Anime MV for ‘Betsu Sekai’

hololive's Amane Kanata Releases Original Anime MV for 'Betsu Sekai'

Amane Kanata associated to hololive He has launched an anime music video for his new single “Betsu Sekai”.

Mixing properties of the half Junya Nakabayashiby guitar and base Tomoki Numanoand programming and enhancing are credited quantity. The lyrics have been written and carried out by Kanata himself.

The video juxtaposes the odd lifetime of a photographer with the romantic fantasies of his idol. His desires finally fail, and the photographer, affected by the jealousy seeing his idols become involved in different amorous affairs, continues the search. Kanata emerges from a sequence of images and embraces the photographer in an effort to console his perceived loss. Lastly, the photographer finds peace within the crowd as one other brazen fan whose love is unrequited.

Amane Kanata is a Japanese VTuber and is a part of the fourth technology of hololive. She debuted in December 2019 alongside she Tsunomaki Watame, Tokoyami Towa, Himemori Luna, and alum Kiryu Coco.

Supply: Kanata Ch.

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