Finally a device that will make you smell anime

Finally a device that will make you smell anime

Generally at CES we do God’s work and all of us have sooner or later in our lives “Why are we right here? Why do unhealthy issues occur to good individuals? What would this anime be like?” You uncover somebody who solutions questions like: scent like?” Japan-based startup Aromajoin’s mission is to reply the second query with AromaPlayer and Aroma Shooter Wearable.

In line with the corporate, AromaPlayer is “the world’s first scented video platform” working in live performance with Aromajoin’s. Aroma Shooter (opens in new tab), an aroma diffuser that sends the identical scents to your face as on the display screen. As a substitute of liquid or fuel like a typical aroma diffuser, the Aroma Shooter makes use of “strong state” cartridges that Aromajoin claims present a greater and longer scent. AromaPlayer means that you can load a clip and use totally different scents when handy so that you can absolutely really feel the scent.

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