Eleven Tips for Hunting Virginia’s Abundant Gray and Fox Squirrels

Eleven Tips for Hunting Virginia's Abundant Gray and Fox Squirrels

By Gerald Almy

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Sure, their recognition has dropped a bit lately with growing numbers of deer and turkeys, however many Virginia athletes nonetheless enthusiastically chase grizzly and fox squirrels within the late fall and winter. It is simple to see why.

For freshmen, bushtails supply wonderful possibilities of success. It is commonplace to emerge from the forest with a big ledge within the recreation sac, normally a full border of six squirrels – a mixture of grey and fox.

Furry prey can be pursued with a wide range of techniques to fit your searching desire. Attempt standing on a plain of oak crammed with acorn bark, nonetheless searching by a stream, gliding calmly in rivers (along with your life jacket!), or searching with stray canine.

Chipmunks are considerable in Virginia wherever there may be woodland habitat. A number of the greatest searching takes place the place small blocks of wooden mingle with meadows, crops, and scrub subject corners.

The ultimate attraction of squirrel searching is the scrumptious meals they supply when grilled, pan-fried or made into a conventional Brunswick Stew. Many early settlers in our nation relied nearly completely on squirrels and different recreation animals to maintain their cellars stocked.

Centuries after Daniel Boone and different early settlers adopted them for the primary time, listed here are among the most vital clues I’ve discovered from my years of searching on this intriguing small recreation pit, a species that also attracts devoted Virginia athletes at present.

  1. be awake. When in search of recreation, do not essentially anticipate to see a whole squirrel. Search for a wierd bump on a department, a twitching tail hanging from a department, leaves dangling from the highest of a tree, or motion on the forest flooring.
  2. Discover the pole. The place meals is plentiful, squirrels can be most plentiful. Search for poles like acorns, hickory, and walnuts. Subsequent, deal with the areas with the best concentrations of those nuts in your searching zone. Walnuts entice squirrels early. Hickory and acorns can present an awesome mid and late season sport.
  3. Don’t neglect different vitamins. Squirrels additionally feed on crops reminiscent of maize in addition to different forages reminiscent of berries and fruits. Search the perimeters of cornfields bordering mature forests. These areas supply the double attraction of corn and acorns – a squirrel buffet! Fox squirrels are notably keen on corn.
  4. Take heed to the squirrel speak. Though you’ll normally detect prey along with your eyes, use your ears as nicely. Simply as a turkey is swallowed or a deer is swallowed like a trumpet, squirrels make a number of voice calls that inform the educated hunter of their location. Take heed to their voices like cat-like meowing, hoarse barking, and probably the most simply perceived name – indignant scolding after they sense hazard or intruder.
  5. Be looking out for different giveaway sounds. In addition to their vocalizations, squirrels make many different sounds as they go about their day by day lives that may warn you to their location. Take heed to the sound of swaying leaves and crackling branches of bushes as they leap from one department to the subsequent, or the rustling of leaves as you race by way of the forest seeking acorns. You may additionally hear the sound of sharp enamel crackling on a walnut or the faint patter of bark items falling on the forest flooring.

    Hear for squirrels rustling by way of leaves or gnawing acorns.

  6. Attempt squirrel calls. Hunters like to name the sport, from squawking to lure spring turkeys with squeaks, tickles, and purrs. Attempt among the squirrel calls in the marketplace; You’ll discover that they aid you find your prey and in addition expose it within the open for a shot. Contact, shake or squeeze them to supply alarm barks or mating squeaks. Each sounds set off sound responses or the motion of squirrels, providing you with the chance to take a shot. In case you overlook your name, do that trick: bang two pecans collectively or shake a number of small stones in your hand.
  7. Deal with the place you are trying. In autumn, search for squirrels within the low branches of bushes within the early morning, in addition to on the bottom, foraging for nuts and foraging for grain, blackberries and fruit. From mid-morning to late afternoon, deal with the upper branches of the bushes for nut-gnawing bushtails or head again to their burrows for a mid-day nap. Within the late afternoon, deal with the decrease limbs in addition to the bottom. Snow on the bottom can reveal squirrel tracks and aid you determine the place they’re most considerable.
  8. Hunt when the quarry is most energetic. Within the early season, probably the most squirrel exercise is seen within the morning and night hours. In winter, squirrels look forward to the warmth to heat up, and lunchtime is normally greatest.
  9. Be affected person. In case you’re stand-hunting in a outstanding space and amassing a squirrel, word the place it fell, however do not leap as much as decide it up. Mark fastidiously in your thoughts with a tree, stump, or different landmark and wait. In a couple of minutes, the opposite squirrels within the space will settle down and begin transferring once more. Just a few barks throughout a name will assist pull them again. After killing two or three squirrels and the exercise cools down, go get your rewards and transfer on to a special space.
  10. Use the right gear. Select a 12-28 caliber shotgun, a 4-6 shot with an improved or modified choke, or a rimfire rifle the place authorized. Camouflage, or a minimum of dull-colored clothes, will aid you keep away from detection. Additionally, pack a vest or jacket along with your searching bag to carry each squirrels and a hearty lunch. You should definitely put on sturdy, insulated, waterproof boots to maintain your ft heat. Sporting some vibrant orange when coming into or leaving your searching space is an efficient security step.
  11. Pace ​​your self up. Transfer slowly whereas nonetheless searching squirrels. Stroll on the identical pace as you’ll when making an attempt to catch a deer unnoticed. Pause usually and do most of your shopping for gaming and listening whereas standing nonetheless. Mild binoculars will help you separate a knot in a tree from a curled bushtail. After probing an space along with your eyes and listening fastidiously, proceed 50-100 yards, relying on how considerable squirrels are. Then pause once more to pay attention and discover the brand new area along with your eyes and optics.

There are a lot of different ideas we are able to cowl, however these eleven will assist improve your success price and delight when searching Virginia’s ignored grey and fox squirrel populations.

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