Do I Need to Watch the Anime Before Playing One Piece Odyssey?

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The story of One Piece Odyssey is predicated on the favored manga sequence One Piece, which can trigger some gamers to surprise if they need to watch the anime first.

One Piece Adventure is a JRPG primarily based on the favored anime and manga sequence. A bitThis will likely trigger some gamers to surprise in the event that they must be acquainted with the story to benefit from the sport. The title revisits a number of common arcs similar to Marineford, Dressrosa, Alabasta, and Water 7/Enies Foyer. In contrast to the unique story, the whole Straw Hat crew”reminiscences“, which may imply that issues may prove in another way than they did within the manga.


One Piece JourneyThe manga’s plot follows the identical trajectory because the manga’s, because the workforce discovers a brand new island and is launched into an surprising journey. Followers can discover Waford utilizing just a few playable characters One Piece AdventureConsisting of each Star Hat workforce member besides Jinbei, this means that the sport’s story may very well be positioned in entrance of the Wano Nation arc. The absence of a playable Jinbei is also because of the sport’s manufacturing schedule, based on some rumors. One Piece Journey It has been in growth since 2019.

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Gamers Ought to Learn One Piece Manga or Watch Anime Earlier than Taking part in One Piece Odyssey

The Straw Hat crew and a new character stand in a room surrounded by flying green cubes in One Piece Odyssey.

One Piece Journey will rejoice A bitIt is the twenty fifth Anniversary and appears to be primarily marketed in direction of followers of the sequence. Since One Piece Journey It makes use of the story of the manga and anime, figuring out slightly concerning the topic can stop gamers from getting confused. Gamers don’t have to observe the most recent manga episode or anime episode, however they have to a minimum of end the Dressrosa arc that resulted in episode 801 or episode 746.

Avid gamers Will Respect One Piece Odyssey’s Story Extra After Watching the Anime

Luffy, Law and Sabo are seen standing side by side to challenge Doflamingo as the deadly birdcage wires approach their location.

Gamers can respect One Piece JourneyIf he is learn the manga or watched the anime, his story is extra. A piecethe creator said One Piece Adventure could rival the films within the sequence, and plainly the sport could evoke the identical feelings that followers felt whereas watching the unique story. Since One Piece Journey Actors who touched on many emotional arcs, similar to Marineford, had been solely in a position to absolutely perceive the gravity of those occasions after experiencing the canon narrative.

If gamers do not care a lot concerning the story, they will determine to not learn or watch it. A bitDue to its size, it may be an intimidating title to get into. Nevertheless, it may be a enjoyable JRPG sport that gamers can get pleasure from with out having intensive information of the sequence. One Piece Adventurehands-on previews has been promising. By enjoying the sport, gamers could even be inquisitive about leaping into the lengthy operating sequence and replaying the sport from a brand new perspective. Avid gamers are nonetheless suggested to learn the manga or watch the anime in the event that they need to have a deeper appreciation. One Piece Journeythroughout the first gameplays of .

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