Best Pokemon Games for Shiny Hunt, Ranked

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Shiny Pokemon has turn out to be an obsession for some, their ridiculous rarity in some video games or simply the chase, the method itself has turn out to be a recreation in itself for some folks. It wasn’t all the time as simple as it’s now. Older titles had considerably worse prospects for shiny encounters, and there was just about no technique to enhance them.

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Whether or not you need to return to outdated video games to play the one with the most effective odds or strategies, or are a complete masochist and need to hunt for precise odds within the GBA, this record ought to offer you some perception.


12/12 Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald & FireRed/LeafGreen

Pokemon-Ruby-and-Sapphire-box art

Though a era away from improvements in Gold and Silver, third generation Pokemon titles It provided little in the best way of productively sensible looking. The outdated match odds of 1/8192 have been floating round for some time.

Because of these odds, that are way more tough than right now, many gamers weren’t even conscious of the existence of the glosses. There isn’t a actual solution to optimize the system apart from operating round within the grass for days. Though an afterthought, Gen 3 titles are literally much less Extra looking choices than Era 2.

11/12 Gold/Silver/Crystal

A split view with the cover of Pokemon Gold on the left and Pokemon Silver on the right.

The primary era of shiny Pokemon’s existence, Gold, Silver and Crystal, none of them lack an actual in-depth choice to realize these distinctive colour palette swaps. Whereas Recreation Freak has no concept how decided some gamers are to search out shiny Pokemon, they’ve added the ‘unusual egg’ to Pokemon Crystal. Whereas it was meant to offer gamers one of many many new child Pokemon within the era, equivalent to Elekid and Magby, this egg had a 14% likelihood of being a shiny Pokemon, and the Japanese model of the sport was an astonishing 50%.

Breeding a shiny Pokemon with a non-shiny Pokemon additionally sees an unbelievable 1/64 ratio. Since shiny Gyarados is a vital match to finish the sport, hatching Gyarados-reproducible Pokemon has nice probabilities, however going for the rest can be a battle.

10/12 Diamond/Pearl/Platinum & HeartGold/SoulSilver

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Because of the issue of acquiring shiny Pokemon in third era video games, many new strategies have been added to make shiny looking extra environment friendly for gamers. The addition of the Masuda technique has elevated the probability that breeding two Pokemon from totally different language variations of the sport will trigger brilliance. With the web options of those video games virtually fully gone, this technique is essentially not an element for pre-X and Y video games.

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This Ggeneration 4 games You have got a way that makes use of PokeRadar, a key merchandise obtained after ending the Pokedex. You’ll be able to chain encounters collectively by utilizing the radar to search out the identical Pokemon time and again and chaining that Pokemon by knocking or catching them repeatedly. This technique can earn you odds of as much as 1/200. Whereas that is fairly good, the setup required is sort of tough. Acquiring the radar itself is a process with out hacking or exploits, and breaking your chain is extremely simple.

9/12 Black/White and Black 2/White 2

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After the improvements made in fourth-generation Pokemon video games, in fifth-generation video games, Black and whiteand its sequels have carried out little to boost the sensible looking expertise. Whereas the Masuda technique stays, you should have a equally tough time utilizing it with the servers down. There are strategies of acquiring occasion Pokemon utilizing fan-made DNS servers, however that is largely restricted to thriller reward Pokemon, not GTS.

Black 2 and White 2 Nonetheless, they had been the primary video games so as to add the shiny appeal, a key merchandise that may be unlocked by finishing the Nationwide Pokedex with out some event-specific legends. Whereas that is equally tough to finish in comparison with different pre-3DS video games, the shiny appeal will considerably improve your base shiny ratios to 1/2730. It is nonetheless excessive in comparison with fashionable strategies, however for titles earlier than halving the shiny ratio, that is an enormous enchancment.

8/12 Good Diamond and Shining Pearl

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This diamond and pearl adaptations see the return of the largely unchanged poke radar technique. This technique now has the added bonus of getting a 1 in 99 likelihood and a vibrant patch of grass when encountering one.

The brand new underground part of the sport has a Diglett bonus function that may double your shiny luck whereas Sinnoh is underground. The brand new statue system in your base may also manipulate the Pokemon you encounter. Whereas there are some out-of-this-world fashions on this part, they do not essentially imply one is vibrant, so that you would possibly need to keep on with the standard poke radar technique.

7/12 Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

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Each X and Y and THESE AREAS share just a few sensible looking strategies. One of the crucial fashionable is the chain fishing technique. Through the use of a Pokemon with the Suction Cups or Sticky Maintain skill, you possibly can guarantee a profitable fishing try each time. At round 40 chains, your probabilities improve to an estimated 1/200. It’s important to time your purchases efficiently, which makes it a extra immersive course of and limits your shiny Pokemon pool to Aquatic sorts that may solely be discovered by fishing, however it’s nonetheless the most effective odds-on strategies within the franchise’s historical past.

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Each video games function the group encounter technique, which will increase a wild Pokemon encounter to 5 at a time as a substitute of the standard. You may should knock out the opposite 4 non-bright ones once you discover one to catch it, however the elevated odds are nicely value it. ORAS can also be completely positioned on the battle heart for hatching eggs utilizing the Masuda technique. The surface of the power could be surrounded by merely holding it to the left or proper your complete time, making hatching eggs a painless course of.

6/12 X and Y

pokemon x and y cover

The start of the 3ds era of Pokemon video games X and Y added vital adjustments to the shiny looking course of, most notably the bottom charge improve from 1/8192 to 1/4096, a 2x improve. After ending the sport various choices turn out to be open. The primary is PokeRadar, which is offered as quickly as you beat the elite 4. Utilizing tremendous thrusters and PokeRadar for chain matches, the shiny odds improve to an absurd 1/200 as soon as a series of 40 is reached.

Even with out this technique, you possibly can nonetheless use pal safari, part of the sport that provides customized Pokemon primarily based in your 3DS pal record. This space alone will increase the luminance ratios by 5 instances from the bottom ratio and is even increased with luminous enchantment.

5/12 Solar and Moon/Extremely Solar and Extremely Moon

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each Sflour and moon headers have minor adjustments to ORAS and former strategies in X and Y. Chaining, for instance, eliminates the necessity to chain separate encounters, they usually can all be carried out in the identical battle. When a Pokemon’s well being is low, it has an opportunity to name for assist. By knocking out this new Pokemon, you begin a series that will increase each the shiny odds and the prospect of excellent IVs within the new encounter.

Extremely solar and extremely moon even have the wormhole technique. Within the late recreation you’ve an opportunity to make use of one of many field legends to maneuver by extremely house and undergo one of many many wormholes. When you’ve got the endurance and ability to get to the tip in a couple of minutes, your vibrant luck might attain an estimated 1 in 25. The Pokemon pool obtainable on this technique is not that prime both, however if you happen to’re in search of the quickest doable technique this is likely to be your greatest wager.

4/12 sword and defend

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sword and shield Defend overworld encounters from Let’s Go. Whereas sparkles are invisible within the higher world, the brand new chaining technique makes it simpler to hunt a particular Pokemon. The absolute best odds for the shiny talisman from these encounters are 1 in 455, however having complete management over what brilliance you get could make it extra interesting than let’s go.

The Dynamax adventures function within the DLC additionally has a static shiny encounter charge of 1 in 100 with shiny appeal.

3/12 Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee

pokemon let's go pikachu and eevee cover

The benefit of each Let’s Go video games is the flexibility to chain catches at any stage of the sport and have strong shiny odds. Let’s go Pokemon catching mechanics make these encounters a lot simpler to chain than in previous video games. Utilizing the max seize combo with shiny appeal brings the encounter charge to 1/273. The flexibility to see patterns of Pokemon within the higher world earlier than beginning a match additionally signifies that once you discover a shiny Pokemon, you possibly can see it instantly.

Whereas different video games most likely have higher odds to shine, Let’s Go’s system was the primary to function good odds and extraterrestrial encounters, making it a fan favourite for sensible hunters.

2/12 Legends: Arceus

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Pokemon Legends: Arceus It’s virtually fully centered on catching Pokemon. Whereas the shiny appeal is a reward for ending the Pokedex, you possibly can quadruple your possibilities of discovering the Pokemon you’ve got completed a Pokedex entry for. When the Pokedex is full and you’ve got the shiny talisman in hand, mass epidemic occasions can have vibrant odds of 1/128.

Given the big variety of encounters you’ve over the course of this recreation, the general shiny odds might be even increased, particularly contemplating the spawning of shinys within the higher world like in Let’s Go.

1/twelfth Crimson and Violet

pokemon red and purple cover art

Pokemon Crimson and Violet it has many new mechanics to enhance the shiny potentialities, in addition to an exploit that makes the system trivial than ever earlier than. The sport contains sandwiches that may improve your base shiny odds together with the standard shiny enchantment. Nonetheless, one factor the builders did not intend was the picnic reset technique.

Throughout a mass epidemic occasion, Pokemon spawn in massive numbers in a given space. After utilizing the auto-battle mechanic to knock out 60 Pokemon, your shiny likelihood is tripled. After that, it can save you the sport and log out and in of the picnic mechanics to consistently reset spawns, as they’ll spawn and disappear to avoid wasting assets throughout your picnic. Utilizing this technique, you will discover doubtlessly shiny Pokemon in minutes, as you possibly can see a whole lot of encounters a lot sooner than ever earlier than.

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