Best Anime Ending Songs of 2022, Ranked

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Music and anime are closely intertwined. Followers of many anime point out that it’s on the air year-round. also be a fan of the songs it stands out as openings and endings. Many artists and musicians grew to become well-known because of their songs being featured in anime, and this development continues to this present day.

With one other yr ending not too long ago, it is a good time to return and admire all of the ending themes that serve to shut the varied anime collection that got here out this yr. Listed here are the very best ending themes popping out in 2022.


10/10 “Kaze, Hana” (Dance Dance Dancer)

Dance Dance Dancer Miyako

dance dance dancer It flew beneath the radar in the course of the Spring 2022 anime season, but it surely was a stupendous present a few younger man exploring the world of ballet. With the music intertwined with the idea of the collection, a great ending theme is in fact par for the course.

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Luckily, “Kaze, Hana” carried out by the rock band Hitorie is a good tune to wrap up any episode. With its soulful vocals and melodic devices, the tune is a comfortable pop tune with a full of life groove that may make the viewers need to dance to themselves.

9/10 “Flare” (Rank of Kings)

Kings Bojji Ranking

Rating of Kings‘s second season aired in the course of the 2022 Winter anime season. The final tune performed at the moment was “Flare” carried out by the singer Milet. The tune performs towards a visible backdrop of the primary character, Bojji, who faces off towards fictional villains.

The tune itself begins as a somber and quiet ballad earlier than turning into an anthem refrain that completely balances the twin emotions of melancholy and hope. The tune is the proper ending theme for an emotionally resonant present. Rating of Kings.

8/10 “Akuma No Ko” (Assault On Titan Remaining Season Episode 2)

Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 2 Genç Eren is in the field

“Akuma no Ko”, carried out by singer-songwriter Ai Higuchi, serves because the closing theme of the second episode. Assault on Titanclosing season. The tune has a particular focus main character Eren YeagerWho’s the one character that stands out within the ending visuals?

The vocals are the spotlight of the tune, as Higuchi’s highly effective voice easily transitions from menacing to determined to hopeful. The instrumentation, although sparse at first, begins to swell and develop because the tune progresses, earlier than reaching a climaxing refrain that matches the sturdy emotion of the vocals.

7/10 “Hito Jibai” (Elite S2 Class)

Class of the Elites-S2-1

Photos from the season 2 finale Elite Class somewhat lackluster, largely consisting of sluggish scrolls of many feminine characters within the collection. Nevertheless, the tune that accompanies them shouldn’t be like that in any respect.

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“Hito Jibai”, sung by singer and voice actor Mai Fuchigami, is without doubt one of the best songs of the yr with its rhythm that may make listeners leap of their seats. Add to {that a} catchy refrain and an unequalled vocal efficiency, and “Hito Jibai” is definitely one of many largest earworms of Summer season 2022.

6/10 “Everlasting Hug” (Made in Abyss S2)

Made in Abyss S2 finish

second season Made on the Abyss It made big waves when it was launched in the summertime of 2022, and with it got here a brand new ending, “Infinite Embrace,” carried out by the band Fantasy & Roid. tune sports activities dark and mysterious atmosphere developed with surreal black and white visuals solely.

The tune itself is fairly easy, beginning with a single voice singing with just one synth help as accompaniment. Nevertheless, because the tune progresses in the direction of the refrain, the instrumentation turns into extra advanced because the depth and emotion of the vocals will increase.

5/10 “Yofukashi No Uta” (Name of the Night time)

Call-of-the-Night-1 nazuna nanakusa among a model of the city

“Yofukashi no Uta” has a particular significance. name of the night timefor being the namesake of the manga’s Japanese identify (Yofukashi no Uta). With such a connection, it isn’t stunning that this tune carried out by hip hop duo Creepy Nuts was chosen because the ending theme of the collection.

The tune is an lively hip hop piece that options fierce and quick rap towards a fantastic funky beat. The tune is brimming with vitality and listeners will certainly have the ability to preserve themselves from leaping out of their seats.

4/10 “Kaika” (Daylight Saving Time)

Daylight Saving Time Build end

Serves as “Kaika” Creating Daylight Financial savings TimeThe primary ending theme carried out by the band cadode. The tune is performed based mostly on real-life pictures of an island. similar to Creating Daylight Savings Time takes place.

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The tune itself is a bleak digital ballad with barely synthesized vocals that draw the listener in at first of the tune. Synthesized vocals are changed by actual vocals, the primary verse begins and the tune rises in an emotional tone because it will get nearer to the refrain.

3/10 “Comedy” (Spy x Household)

Spy x Family Forger Family

“Comedy”, performed by Gene Hoshino Spy x Household‘s first season in Spring 2022. The tune is a comfortable R&B melody with soulful vocals, clean guitars and keyboards, and a refrain that by no means fails to elicit pure pleasure.

The visuals of this ending displaying Anya’s standpoint are additionally price mentioning. daily life with family. With wholesome visuals and an extremely cool tune, that is the very best closing tune of Spring 2022.

2/10 “Tokyo Shandy Gathering” (Urusei Yatsura 2022)

finally lum

As with the opening “Aiue”, the music group is the duty of MAISONdes. Urusei Yatsura‘s closing tune “Tokyo Shandy Rendezvous”, this time with Kaf and Tsumiki. Whereas the visuals will not be as hectic because the opening, the ending tune simply beats the primary when it comes to catchiness and listenability.

the tune itself A straight 80s-influenced synthpop tune, with Kaf’s beautiful vocal that jumps from zealous to coy as digital beats steadily elevate the tempo. The tune culminates within the refrain with an extremely catchy hook that’s positive to accompany the viewers.

1/10 “Noticed Blood” (Noticed Man)

Denji as Saw Man

Saw Man a bit of a special case. In contrast to many different collection on this listing, there may be an ending for every of its twelve episodes. Whereas most of those endings are nice and will undoubtedly be on this listing, it might be a bit an excessive amount of to provide. Noticed Man a number of entries.

Choosing just one ending Noticed ManMost of ‘ could be troublesome, however the first ending (Vaundy’s “Chainsaw Blood”) is a simple selection. A tough rock tune with sturdy vocals by Vaunty cannot go mistaken, and its hymn refrain is each catchy and uplifting. select the very best Noticed Man It’s going to at all times be laborious to complete, however this tune is definitely one of many high contenders for 2022.

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