Anime Villains Using the Weirdest Weapons

title image anime antagonists and their weirdest weapons

Full clarification from the very starting, anime unusual. It is not a bug, it is a function, and it is one of many causes folks adore it a lot. The environments are surreal and the characters are distinctive; they’re usually outlined by their skills and weapons.

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Some villains have a few of the most uncommon weapons; this often means weapons or swords with ethereal or artistic designs. Nonetheless, it could possibly additionally confer with weapons that aren’t usually seen as weapons in any respect however are pure extensions of the villain’s powers or position within the story.


7/7 Third Arm of Justice – Afro Samurai

afro samurai anime

story afro samurai It begins with a crushing defeat. Hero’s father a noble and powerful samuraiHe goes into battle with a personality named Justice, who seems to be like an immortal model of an old-time western sheriff armed with two six-guns.

The viewers would not discover out precisely what occurred within the struggle till the top of the film. Spoiler alert, however the weapons have been a distraction. Justice had a secret weapon within the type of a 3rd arm protruding from his again and wielding a sword. It is not fancy, however it’s surprising and peculiar.

6/7 Yagami Gentle – Demise Notice

Light Yahami holding a Death Note

One of the vital infamous villains in anime historical past, and in addition one of many highest physique counts, Yagami’s Gentle hardly touched standard weapons like weapons or swords as a result of he did not want them.

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It wasn’t simply that the pocket book could possibly be used to kill folks; On the identical time, Gentle was a genius and manipulated the principles of the world. demise Notice has such experience. Her emotional manipulation powers are lethal on their very own, and much more harmful when mixed with Shinigami’s pocket book.

5/7 Shizuku Murasaki’s Vacuum Cleaner – Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter - Phantom Community Member Shizuku Uses Nen Vacuum Cleaner To Clean Up After They're Killed

This can be a lethal weapon, however it’s hardly used. The vacuum cleaner has a reputation, Blinky, and it belongs to Shizuku Murasaki, a member of the lethal and harmful Phantom Troupe. Hunter x Hunter.

Blinky seems to be regular, she even has cute however ugly enamel and when she eats one thing, gone forever into a nameless void. It will not work on creatures or created objects, however it’s nice for cleansing up crime scenes and after fights, the commonest use.

4/7 Corset Binding Methods – Garter Panties And Stockings

Stockings Anarchy, Panties and Stockings with Suspenders

After all, such a weird present Garter Panties And Stockings there could be a villain with an equally bizarre weapon. His identify is corset and bondage is his sport, and when he takes off belts and different equipment, they can be utilized as weapons themselves they usually may take different characters and use them as instruments to hit them with sticks.

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The corset is the present’s major antagonist and takes on the position of one of many pesky authority figures. He’s not solely the mayor of Daten Metropolis, but in addition the boss of the demon sisters Scanty and the Kneesocks, who’re hostile to our courageous heroes.

3/7 Mutant Meister Crona and Ragnorok – Soul Eater

Meister Crona with Ragnarok and his humanoid form and Black Sword Form - Soul Eater Best Demon Weapons

Initially, a villain was compelled to do unhealthy deeds in opposition to his will. Her identify is Crona, and she or he ultimately turns in opposition to her mom, Medusa Gorgon, who manipulates each her and her sword to turn out to be mutated monsters that may summon a lethal creature referred to as Kishin.

all meister partners turning into weapons they’ve their very own custom-made and distinctive powers, however Ragnorok was modified utilizing a barrel of black blood after which mixed with Crona’s blood, making the 2 the identical being. It is unusual that this entity leaps off Crona’s again and scolds her like a schoolyard bully earlier than she transforms right into a normal-looking sword.

2/7 A Mercenary Monk and Head of the Nice Forest Spirit – Princess Mononoke

jigo Princess Mononoke spooning miso dough into a bowl

In Studio Ghibli films, villains are arduous to identify and sometimes absent, however the character of Jigo Princess Mononoke fairly shut. Extra of a spy than a Monk, Jigo is tasked by the Emperor with retrieving the top of the Nice Forest Spirit, who thought having the top would make him immortal.

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Jigo manages to carry off, not less than for a short while, however sufficient for him to appreciate that the top has turn out to be a lethal weapon when separated from its proprietor. Blood oozes from all over the place, and the Nice Forest Spirit’s blood takes the life of each residing factor that touches it. Sadly, he doesn’t discriminate and is a hazard to his enemies and kills his allies.

1/7 Mister 5’s Organic Weapons – One Piece


It’s not solely unusual, but in addition disgusting, and maybe this embarrassing issue is its true energy. This character is often known as the Boundary Stone, and Mr. 5 is his higher identified nickname, and none of these names provide any clue as to the character of his unusual and hideous weapon.

Mr. 5’s satan fruit energy is that when used as a projectile, any a part of his physique has the ability to blow up and explode on impression. It looks as if an amazing energy, and this villain makes use of it successfully however foolishly by scattering slime at his opponents. Whenever you use your breath as a bullet in your gun, that is an amazing concept and really cool, however this spit of phlegm is healthier as an occasional comedian aid than an actual gun.

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