8 anime characters with neutralizing powers like Dazai from Bungo Stray Dogs

Dazai as seen in the series

Osamu Dazai is likely one of the most liked characters everywhere in the world. Bungo Stray Canines. His manic character makes tv hilarious, and followers have been extremely receptive to his uniquely comedic fashion for the reason that present’s first episode. However when it comes to abilities, Dazai is way from as dominant as his humorousness.

his potential Bungo Stray Canines No Longer Human permits anybody he touches to invalidate his potential. Nonetheless, to do that, Dazai should contact them, so if he doesn’t make direct contact, the talent won’t work.

Whereas the talent would not essentially enhance energy or preventing potential, it is nonetheless one of the highly effective skills in all of anime and manga. On that notice, 8 anime characters with disabling powers like Dazai Bungo Stray Canines.

Giorno Giovanna, Asta and 6 different anime characters with comparable override energy Bungo Stray Canines’ Osamu Dazai

1) Shuta Aizawa

Aizawa, as seen within the My Hero Academia anime collection (Picture by way of Studio Bones)Shota Aizawa a My Hero Academy character who teaches the hero and has the facility to cancel. Erase Strangeness permits anybody it seems at to cancel their Strangeness. By doing this, they’re unable to activate their skills till Aizawa disables his.

Nonetheless, there are some exceptions to this, particularly with regards to Mutant-Kind Oddities. As such Oddities inherently alter the wearer’s physique and don’t act as a “on or off” technique, Aizawa’s energy has no impact on them. Nonetheless, all different Quirk varieties can turn into prey to the UA trainer’s skills.

2) Water

Aqua, as seen within the KonoSuba anime collection (Picture by way of Studio Deen)KonoSuba‘s Aqua has override powers much more distinctive than these of Osamu Dazai. Bungo Stray Canines. As a water goddess, her disabling skills come from her Purification approach. This permits Aqua to fully purify water in all kinds, from poisonous and polluted sizzling springs to simply espresso and tea by contact.

It could possibly do that with any physique of water it touches, and it’ll purify regardless of the intent. Additionally, casting the Purge spell deliberately will increase the impact of its use. Though it has fairly restricted use, it has the flexibility to override the powers of others in the fitting state of affairs.

3) Giorno Giovanna

Giorno Giovanna (left) seen with Gold Expertise Requiem (proper) within the JoJo's Weird Journey: Golden Wind anime collection (Picture by way of David Productions)Golden Experience Net‘s override skills enable him to reset all his actions and wills to a “zero” state, stopping them from taking place.

In different phrases, it is like urgent Ctrl+Z (the undo operate utilized in phrase processing paperwork) when one thing occurs that Giorno and Requiem do not need to occur. He may lure the villains in these loops, inflicting them to repeatedly expertise the identical destiny as Diavolo’s demise loops, with no hope of escape.

4) Blackbeard

Blackbeard, as seen within the collection' anime (Picture by way of Toei Animation)black beard It has among the most comparable override capabilities. Bungo Stray CaninesOsamu Dazai. Just like the final one, Blackbeard’s deactivation wants to the touch his goal for it to work, permitting him to immediately block any Satan Fruit use whereas touching his opponent.

One huge distinction appears to be that Blackbeard lacks a reset impact on neutralization, whereas Dazai returns his targets to their powerless state. In any case, the 2 are among the most comparable override capabilities of their lineup.

5) Subordinate

Asta, as seen within the Black Clover anime collection (Picture by way of Studio Pierrot)subordinateAnti-Magic can be much like Dazai’s potential. Bungo Stray Canines. Asta’s Anti-Magic permits her to fully nullify any spell she touches, whether or not it is an offensive spell launched in opposition to her or her sword touching somebody below another person’s spell.

This could even be used to interrupt thoughts management results, much like how Dazai’s potential can restore remodeled warriors to their unique mind-set and being. One key distinction between the 2 is that Asta can forged her Anti-Magic out and use ranged knockout assaults, whereas Dazai must make bodily contact along with her goal.

6) Kaguya Otsutsuki

Kaguya, as seen within the Naruto: Shippuden anime collection (Picture by way of Studio Pierrot)Kaguya Otsutsuki The ultimate enemy within the collection serves as the ultimate impediment that protagonists Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki overcome. Whereas Kaguya is a formidable opponent for a lot of causes, his jutsu/chakra override skills are undoubtedly among the most troublesome and highly effective.

Simply by stretching out his arms, he can take in the chakra of any incoming jutsu that comes his means. This goes again to the Susanoo strategy of the Uchiha clan, as seen when Sasuke forcibly disables his. Nonetheless, like Bungo Stray Canines’ Osamu Dazai wants to the touch the jutsu or chakra that he needs to neutralize in his opponent.

7) dad

Father, as seen within the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood anime (Picture by way of Studio Bones)Father is one other final foe with overpowering powers. Nonetheless, Osamu Dazai’s override powers can be utilized when an influence is activated. Bungo Stray CaninesFather can override his potential to make use of alchemy nationwide.

He does this by utilizing it to unfold the throne he sits on. Philosopher’s Stone It is below the crust the place Amestris sits. This blocks the tectonic power within the earth’s crust, from which Amestrian alchemy will get its power on this means. It’s an extremely distinctive strategy if solely used as a proactive limiting issue relatively than a backwards answer.

8) Mikan Sakura

17 พ.ค. วันเกิด Mikan Sakura, จากเรื่อง วัยซนคนมีพลังจิต (Gakuen Alice) https://t.co/EkxgepHoZk

Lastly, Gakuen Alice’s Mikan Sakura has a canceling potential most much like that of Osamu Dazai. Bungo Stray Dogs when it comes to simplicity. Nullification Alice permits one other particular person to create her Alice, nullifying its results. Nonetheless, this potential doesn’t work independently because it requires one other Alice to be activated.

That is much like Dazai’s Not Human Anymore having no objective or affect until there may be one other drive to disable. When it comes to utilization necessities, the 2 are most likely probably the most comparable override powers in the whole animanga world.

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