8 anime characters who can easily deal with Saitama

Saitama casually saying "Ok." (Image via ONE, Yusuke Murata)

Saitama is without doubt one of the strongest characters within the anime universe. The bald-cloaked superhero has the facility to defeat any opponent with a single punch, which provides us an thought of ​​his energy. Nevertheless, this overwhelming energy has prompted him to expertise an existential disaster as he has no worthy opponent to combat.

with season 3 one punch man Lately introduced, followers can anticipate Saitama to return to motion and combat stronger characters. Whereas no character within the sequence can maintain a candle to their energy but, that does not imply that characters from different anime sequence cannot both.

On this article, now we have listed 8 anime characters who can simply deal with Saitama and make enjoyable of his energy.

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Ryuk and seven different characters who can simply take care of Saitama

1) xeno

Zeno as seen within the Dragon Ball Tremendous (Picture by way of Toei Animation)xeno is the strongest character dragon ball the sequence and probably your entire anime. As a supreme being, Zeno guidelines the multiverse and may simply carry total universes from a whimsical existence. Fearing his presence, the Gods of Destruction and the Angels bowing to him ought to give followers an thought of ​​his powers.

Saitama would not even stand an opportunity towards this character, not to mention defeating him. Whereas Zeno is on the top of the universe’s energy and ruler of the multiverse, he’s at finest on a common scale. He would not even have the ability to land critical punches at Zeno earlier than he was worn out from existence.

2) Saiki Kusuo

Saiki Kusuo (Picture by way of Funanimation)This The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. nobody is immune from Saiki’s thoughts management, which additionally makes Saitama prone to it. In the long run, they’re each playful characters and so it is sensible that Saiki may defeat Saitama together with her superior psychic talents.

3) Giorno Giovanna

Giorno and his stand Gold Expertise Requiem (Picture by way of David Manufacturing Inc)Golden Experience Net provides it the facility to reset all actions in order that these actions by no means occur within the first place. The deaths of anybody hit by this energy are reset to zero, in order that they die an infinite variety of occasions repeatedly.

Saitama may attempt to combat Giorno along with his fists, however it might all return to zero and put him in an infinity loop. He would quickly get fed up and lose the battle.

4) Griffith

Griffith as seen in Berserk (Picture by way of Kentaro Miura)Griffith as a result of none of his fists would land and his bodily assaults could be ineffective.

5) Goksu

Goku as seen in Dragon Ball Tremendous (Picture by way of Toei Animation)of Jiren orb crammed with big quantity of vitality simply by touching it.

Goku’s Extremely Intuition permits Saitama to simply evade his punches and assault him on the identical time, leading to Captain Baldy’s defeat.

6) Yhwach

Yhwach as seen in Bleach (Picture by way of Tite Kubo)Bleach.

Saitama would lose in a combat towards Yhwach as his punches would grow to be ineffective. Yhwach can look into the long run and manipulate it, giving him the facility to simply evade Saitama’s punches. He can reshape actuality right into a model that he has gained in his fights. The caped superhero cannot do a lot to cease this Quincy King.

7) Gojo Satoru

Gojo Satoru (Picture by way of MAPPA)Gojo Satoru is the strongest character Jujutsu Kaisen and the Particular class makes exorcism seem to be kid’s play. A Six-Eyed and Limitless consumer, Gojo has the facility to put an infinite barrier between himself and his goal, by no means letting any assault contact him. There’s additionally an area enlargement referred to as Boundless Void that attracts targets into Boundless and fills their minds with limitless uncooked data. This crushes the goal and immobilizes them.

Saitama would don’t have any likelihood towards Gojo and his eternity. He may preserve punching the Jujutsu Sorcerer, however it was ineffective due to the infinite area between them. Gojo can even use the realm enlargement to finish the battle by immobilizing the hero.

8) Ryuk

Ryuk as seen in Loss of life Be aware (Picture by way of Madhouse)Saitama unable to see the entity or defeat it along with his mighty fists, leaving the hero fully defenseless. Ryuk can wait till he writes his identify within the pocket book and does his job successfully. It is a combat Captain Baldy cannot get out of.

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