34 million lei income from the hunting and sale of blackberries, truffles and medicinal plants


Nationwide Forest Administration (RNP) – Revenues from Romsilva’s searching actions and gross sales of forest fruits, truffles, mushrooms and medicinal vegetation exceeded 34 million lei within the first 11 months of 2022, in accordance with knowledge supplied by the administrator. State public forests.

Thus, greater than 5.06 million lei was obtained from searching and recreation gross sales actions and 969,550 lei from dwell pheasant gross sales. Shopper trout use generated income of 9.24 million lei by the top of November.

Equally, the administration obtained 11.44 million lei from gross sales of forest fruits, 5.29 million lei from gross sales of truffles, 2.68 million lei from medicinal herbs and one other 235,805 lei from gross sales of mushrooms.

Romsilva manages 242 fishing funds and 27 trout ponds and three phasaneris in Gherghita, Pischia and Ghimpati.

Final yr, RNP – Romsilva generated complete revenues of three.3 billion lei, a rise of 17.9% over the authorized finances for 2022, and a turnover of three billion lei, which is 20% increased than the set indicators.

Estimated gross revenue exceeded 500 million lei, ten occasions the estimates within the 2022 income and expenditure finances.

The RNP manages 3.13 million hectares of the state’s forest public property, which accounts for about 48% of the nation’s forests, and offers forestry companies for about a million hectares of forest beneath different types of possession. Equally, Romsilva operates 22 nationwide parks in addition to 12 state stud farms.

80% of the whole forests, that are public property of the state, have a forest administration certificates at worldwide requirements.

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