10 Scariest Hunter x Hunter Characters, Ranked

A two image collage from Hunter x Hunter. On the left, the enormous guard dog Mike looms over Gon. On the right, Hisoka charges at a target with a maniacal expression on his face.

with the most recent episodes Hunter x Hunter Launched earlier than the following hiatus, the Darkish Continent Arc lives as much as its title and takes fan-favorite characters to even darker locations and more durable gorges than earlier than. However that is typical of this sequence, which works to locations extra horrifying than most shounen dare.

From fearsome monsters and monsters to sadistic Hunters who solely search the fun of killing, Hunter x Huntercrammed with a number of the scariest anime characters. Who’s the scariest?


Mike Zoldyck

The mighty watchdog Mike rises above Gon in Hunter x Hunter.

He may be a canine so he isn’t as scary as a number of the different characters, however Mike’s case ranking of the best dogs in anime weak at finest. He’s the dreaded guardian of the Zoldyck mansion and can’t be fought, bribed, or lured to eat intruders alive as quickly as they see them.

Even Gon, who’s immediately the very best good friend of all the opposite animals on the earth, freezes in concern of Mike the second he sees the massive beast. Cannot connect with it in any method. The canine is so properly educated that it’s extra a machine than an animal. It even will get a full musical quantity. Zoldyck’s Nightmare stage present about how scary it’s!


Nanika manifests as HxH in Alluka's body.

With out Nanika, Alluka would have been raised a “regular” Zoldyck and would have been simply as creepy as the remainder of her household. With Nanika, nonetheless, she is monumentally stronger than them and has the flexibility to instantaneously die if her wish-granting capacity is abused and can’t be managed by anybody.

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Just like Gon, Alluka is a candy lady who can fortunately coexist with Nanika (she even scolds Killua for telling Nanika by no means to exit once more), however she is a candy lady who does not comply with the identical morals as most individuals. Whereas neither would do something to harm somebody, they do not thoughts asking for physique elements in alternate for needs, and egocentric needs come at a horrible worth.

Chrollo Lucilfer

Close-up of Chrollo Lucilfer in Hunter x Hunter

From Feitan’s simmering rage to Shalnark’s perpetually dissonant pleasure, Phantom Troupe is all creepy in their very own method. However their chief, Chrollo, has a distinctively perpetually disturbing air. Unfailingly calm and sort to everybody, he does not want to point out how lethal he’s to strike concern into the hearts of anybody who meets him, even when making an attempt to stab them or steal their Nen.

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He is the one who initially introduced the kids of Meteor Metropolis collectively right into a ugly gang, and though they’ll operate fairly properly in his absence, it seems they solely attain their full vicious potential when Chrollo is there to steer them. Yorknew Metropolis Arc.

Killua Zoldyck

Killua's serious face in HxH

A lot of the white-haired characters in anime are closely related to each energy and loss of life. The one Zoldyck youngster to inherit his father’s white hair, Killua matches this objective completely along with his capacity to brutally kill a goal sooner than they’ll blink. Though his pals love him, generally even they’re shocked, for instance after they see somebody ripping out their beating coronary heart for the primary time.

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Regardless of its honest and profitable efforts to go away its bloody previous behind and embrace the kindness and friendship it craves, the present by no means fairly makes viewers overlook that Killua is a educated murderer. Particularly in earlier arcs, he has the flexibility to radiate such a terrifying power that Hunters twice his age and age flee from cities as a lot as he threatens them.


Meditating Meruem in Hunter x Hunter

The beginning of Meruem is totally feared by the human characters all through a lot of the Chimera Ant Arc, and for excellent cause. He’s the strongest of the already insanely highly effective Chimera Ants, capable of kill with a lightning-quick wag of his tail, and is prepared to take action on the slightest disturbance from an ally or foe.

The character curve focuses and ends on him gaining a deeper understanding of the world than himself. one of the saddest Hunter x Hunter sections. Nevertheless, even their actually well-meaning intentions are horrifying. He proudly publicizes to Netero that he nonetheless intends to take over the world, however tells that he’ll spare humanity and permit them to stay beneath his management endlessly, believing it’s for their very own good.


Neferpitoue sitting on the ground in Hunter x Hunter

Pitou is much less highly effective and fewer horrifying than their King Meruem, however there’s something the chief of the Royal Guard thinks about him: Pitou is way extra horrifying than he’s. Their uncooked energy is off the charts and so they’re continually grinning, clearly having some grisly enjoyable at individuals, earlier than the scenario will get too critical for his or her liking in the direction of the top of the arc.

It is a thriller as to which of his most annoying moments are: considering along with his personal power as he caresses Kite’s head, which that they had simply severed, of their lap; or indiscriminately do mind surgical procedure with sticks on Pokkle to interrogate him one of the scariest scenes in non-horror anime. Like all cats, they get pleasure from enjoying with their meals.

Gon Freecss

Gon Freecss points menacingly at the camera, surrounded by a dark aura in Hunter x Hunter.

Anybody who is aware of Gon and his nice power would guess that he was able to mass destruction, however nobody would have guessed that he was additionally able to such ruthlessness. Like most shounen heroes, Gon is clever, compassionate, and actually fights for these he loves. But it surely turns into clearer all through the present that her morals revolve solely round herself and her family members.

Viewers who do not perceive are in for a nasty shock in the direction of the highest of the Chimera Ant Arc. Consumed by the grief of Kite’s loss of life, she threatens to kill the unconscious harmless Komugi, sacrifices her future potential, and almost destroys her personal physique in entrance of Killua to avenge Pitou, who’s not intimidating earlier than her. his anger.

Kakin Royal Household

The Hui Guo Rou family and Beyond Netero reunite in the Hunter x Hunter manga.

If the currently-running Darkish Continent Arc is revived, anime-only viewers could have an incredible feast. They are going to meet ultimately one of the worst royals in anime. Kakin’s princes are infamous for being merciless and unstable; A placing instance of that is Tserriednich, who collected stolen physique elements and was accountable for the bloodbath of the Kurta clan.

Among the princes, particularly the youthful ones, are harmless and comparatively regular. Nevertheless, this solely turns them into cannon fodder for his or her sadistic older brothers who miss the throne and can slaughter anybody of their path. The Nen Monsters every prince is presented with replicate his character: the extra twisted and horrible the monster, the more serious the prince.

Illumi Zoldyck

Killua and Illumi Zoldyck face off in Hunter x Hunter

Illumi is Zoldyck’s eldest youngster, and it is clear that Silva and Kikyo could have gone a bit of too far in instructing her that the one objective of a Zoldyck is to be a mission-bound, impassive killing machine. He has no need or objective apart from serving his household, and all he enjoys is assassination and subjugating his youthful brother to his will.

Regardless of her skills for brainwashing and homicide, the side that bothers her most remains to be her obsession with Killua. He does not care a lot for his different siblings. Killua is the chosen inheritor to her mother and father, and when she rebels and tries to desert them, Illumi focuses on her and does all the things to isolate her, together with making an attempt to kill her pals and placing a needle in her mind to subdue her. pressure him to surrender on them, she.

Hisoka Morow

Hisoka attacks a target with a maniacal expression on his face in Hunter x Hunter.

Even anime followers who’ve by no means seen it Hunter x Hunter most likely is aware of about Hisoka and wonders what’s improper with this scary clown. However why Hisoka is like that is by no means defined. He merely is, like a horrible pure catastrophe.

He is a cunningly intelligent fighter, sturdy sufficient to tear individuals aside along with his naked arms, and he is acquired further sadism. However what actually makes it scary is its capability to rein. Hisoka solely desires to kill the strongest opponents and waits to kill immature targets like Gon till they attain the highest. Regardless of his burning lust for blood, he isn’t an out-of-control maniac. It’s a very affected person hunter that can comply with its prey for years if mandatory.

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