10 Most Disliked One Piece Characters According to Japan

10 Most Disliked One Piece Characters According to Japan

Launched on December 20, 2022

One Piece is a extremely revered anime sequence praised for its charming story and gripping world-building. Nonetheless, not each anime fan is a One Piece fan, and a few viewers are turned off by sure characters they assume make a nasty first impression. Some characters in One Piece obtain such destructive reactions from some viewers due to their personalities, actions, and even seems to be. Some characters could also be perceived as annoying or simply plain tacky. Others could appear overpowered, which can be offensive to some viewers.

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We consulted the “reputation rank” on the Japanese web site Suki Kira to find out which characters had been essentially the most disliked by followers in One Piece. This website receives over 7 million guests per 30 days and permits customers to vote for his or her favourite and least favourite characters, together with each actual folks (who work on the sequence) and fictional characters from fashionable anime sequence like Chainsaw Man and Naruto. Taking a look at this checklist, we are able to perceive which characters from One Piece is probably not the most well-liked with followers.

Be aware: The Suki Kira web site is primarily geared toward Japanese anime followers, so whereas it would not precisely mirror the worldwide reputation of One Piece characters, it does supply attention-grabbing insights into Japanese followers’ preferences.

Listed here are the highest 10 most disliked One Piece characters in accordance with Japan.

10. Nefertari Vivi

10 Most Disliked One Piece Characters According to Japan

Vivi is the princess of Alabasta and one of the vital beloved members of the Straw Hat crew. He was first launched as an enemy and a part of the Crocodile crew. Within the final arc, Vivi’s father died and Vivi disappeared.

Many followers of One Piece expressed their dislike for Vivi due to her weak persona. Whereas obsessed with preventing, he lacks the power to contribute successfully in fight conditions. Moreover, Vivi is understood for making impulsive choices that usually result in less-than-desirable outcomes.

9. Kenji Kamiki

10 Most Disliked One Piece Characters According to Japan

As we stated originally, you may even vote for actual people who find themselves linked to the sequence on the Suki Kira web site. Kenji Kamiki a One Piece super fan and appreciated by One Piece employees. He’s an informal workplace employee and often reads One Piece and Shounen Leap Journal. Kenji has commented on many Otaku tradition matters and One Piece matters revealed within the manga “A Massive Fan of One Piece” by Semimaro Aburakohji.

The rationale followers don’t love Kanji is due to the eye he will get. Each fan desires to be seen by their favourite creator, and what Kenji achieved has made many followers jealous, which is honest sufficient. Kenji’s manga was additionally one thing that fueled the fireplace, and that is likely to be why most individuals do not prefer it.

8. Yamato

10 Most Disliked One Piece Characters According to Japan

Yamato Kaida’s son (daughter) and the particular person most followers awaited as a member of the Straw Hats. He rebelled towards his father, following the ideology of Oden, who was his father’s best enemy. Yamato immediately grew to become a fan of Luffy, as he needed to avoid wasting the Wano nation, identical to Oden, and the 2 fashioned an alliance to avoid wasting Wano from Kaido’s clutches.

The Yamato is disliked by some followers attributable to its overpowering energy scaling. It was unusual for a lot of followers to have a powerful character on the identical scale as Sanji and Zoro instantly seem and need to be part of the Straw Hats. Additionally, his stubbornness was a destructive consider his character, which made him much less enticing.

7. Tama

10 Most Disliked One Piece Characters According to Japan

Tama is the primary character launched in Wano Arc and helps Luffy when he will get hungry in Land of Wano. He has Miletus-Miletus satan fruit, which permits him to make millet ravioli from his cheeks, and who eats this ravioli turns into his follower. He usually used this potential in his battle towards Kaido.

Followers don’t love Tama however her behavior of crying in any state of affairs makes her character repulsive to some followers. Satan fruit is highly effective if used correctly, however it’s nonetheless a grouchy child and it would not prefer it.

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6. Rob Lucci

10 Most Disliked One Piece Characters According to Japan

Rob Lucci is launched as a member of CP9, a secret authorities group. He later grew to become a CP0 agent after shedding to Luffy in Water Seven Arc. It has the Cat-Cat fruit (Mannequin: Leopard), which provides Lucci the power to accumulate the bodily abilities of a Leopard.

Rob Lucci is likely one of the important antagonists of the sequence, so it goes with out saying why he’s disliked. He’s disliked as a result of he has been after the main identify of Straw Hats Nico Robin for the reason that starting of the sequence. At present, Nico is preventing Luffy within the Wano Arc as he’s nonetheless free whereas chasing Robin.

5. Boa Hancock

boa hancock award

Boa Hancock is the captain of the Pirates of Kuja and the ruler of the Amazon Island. Love-Love has satan fruit that turns anybody who’s excited by it to stone. Hancock was a Celestian Dragon servant in his previous, and his reminiscence is sort of delicate in his thoughts.

The one cause a part of the fandom dislikes Boa Hancock is due to their unconditional love for Luffy. He is solely met Luffy, and for a remark he made in his favor, Hancock hisses wetly at Luffy, which does not make his character enticing despite the fact that he is the prettiest within the sequence.

4. Carrot

10 Most Disliked One Piece Characters According to Japan

Carrot is a member of the Mink Tribe who’s a candidate to affix the Straw Hats. He is a minki rabbit and has the facility to get up when the complete moon comes out. Pedro, one other mink tribe member, skilled him, and he nonetheless bears his will, as Pedro Complete died throughout the Cake Island Arc.

Carrots are disliked due to their common character and unimpressive persona. It was anticipated by most followers to be a part of the Straw Hats, and it bought downvotes from followers who needed Yamato to affix the Straw Hats crew as an alternative of Carrot or anybody else.

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3. Charlotte Linlin

one piece grandma award

Charlotte Linlin is the captain of the Massive Mother Pirates and the ruler of Complete Cake Island. She has 43 husbands and 85 kids as she consistently modifications husbands after having kids with them. It has a Spirit-Soul demon fruit that enables people who find themselves afraid of its aura to manage their souls and transmit this aura to any being, animate or inanimate.

Linlin is a extremely controversial character within the One Piece sequence, and lots of followers discover her annoying attributable to her questionable persona and actions. Pushed by a thirst for energy and exerting nice effort to acquire it, he has little respect for others. Moreover, Linlin shows favoritism in direction of some kids, interesting to her suspicious character.

2. Eichiro Room

10 Most Disliked One Piece Characters According to Japan

Eiichiro Oda is the unique creator of One Piece, which began this manga in 1997. Since then, this manga has been a common phenomenon and even broke a world record. Oda is understood for drawing unbelievable world-building and hiding references in mundane manga scenes.

The inclusion of Eiichiro Oda on this checklist might come as a shock to some, as he’s the creator of the vastly fashionable One Piece manga sequence. Nonetheless, it’s price noting that the preferences and opinions of Japanese anime followers might be unpredictable. One attainable cause for together with Oda on this checklist is his determination to proceed the sequence past the beforehand introduced ending level. Regardless of this, there appears to be no official justification for hating the person whose work has introduced a lot pleasure to readers.

1. Uta

10 Most Disliked One Piece Characters According to Japan

Uta is Shanks’ adopted daughter and the primary antagonist of One Piece Movie Crimson. She was a musician for the Crimson Hair Pirates when she was a little bit lady, and later left the crew to observe her dream, She. She has the Sing-Sing satan fruit that enchants anybody who hears her voice.

Regardless of having restricted display screen time in One Piece, Uta managed to garner a major quantity of dissatisfaction from his followers, even taking the highest spot on this checklist. There are two important causes for this. His first position in One Piece: Crimson was met with disappointment by many viewers. Secondly, Choosing to voice controversial Japanese singer Ado’s song in the movie It was met with essential acclaim and led Japanese followers to rank Uta because the present’s most disliked character.

The rating will get longer as follows:

11. Place johnny
12. Place Usopp
13. Place quinine
14. Place Captain Kuro
15. Place Franky
16. Place jabra
17. Place Bartholomew
18. Place Sakazuki
19. Place DoFlamingo
20. Place Marshall D. Tech

What do you consider the “10 most disliked One Piece characters” for Japanese followers? Do you assume one other character from the One Piece sequence deserves to be right here? Need us to hit the highest 10 for one more anime sequence? Tell us within the remark part. We at Anime Senpai would love to listen to from you.

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