10 Forgotten Video Games With Anime Adaptations


twenty fifth anniversary Yu-Gi-Oh It is coming in 2023 and April 21 will convey reprints of some previous playing cards from the unique collection. Some followers discover this information a bit unsatisfactory as Konami has reprinted the unique playing cards so many instances. Nevertheless, it is excellent news for brand new gamers who missed earlier units.

Yu-Gi-Ohthe cardboard sport is commonly simply known as Yu-Gi-Oh, nonetheless it’s known as Duel Monsters within the anime collection and is the first sport featured within the collection. Many different anime over time have featured their very own video games which have been recreated in the actual world, however some have been misplaced in lots of followers’ recollections.



Character holding his car in Scan2Go.

the sport Scan2Go It focuses on miniature automotive races the place gamers ship their vehicles on a observe that may cross every kind of risks and obstacles. These vehicles can obtain varied results by way of playing cards that the participant can acquire the higher hand to assist themselves or annoy one other participant.

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This sport exists in the actual world in addition to the playing cards that include the vehicles seen within the anime. There’s additionally a typical racetrack for the sport that gamers can buy and use.

dinosaur king

Characters on the cover of Dinosaur King DS.

dinosaur king like a bit of Pokémon however in dinosaurs and within the digital actuality world the place the principle hero Max is shipped, a card sport is his most important facet. This card sport additionally exists in the actual world primarily within the type of an arcade card sport.

There was additionally a buying and selling card sport made individually from the arcade sport, which centered on utilizing varied dinosaurs in duels. A online game utilizing the identical card sport was additionally created for the DS.


A split view of Meruem and Komugi playing Gungi and a real Gungi board from Hunter x Hunter.

A board sport that many anime followers could have forgotten existed, The best Shonen Jump anime of all time, Hunter x Hunter, Named Gungi that Meruem and Komugi stole. Though this sport bears some similarities to video games like Chess, Shogi and Janggi, it is only a sport that exists in it. Hunter x Hunter.

Whereas the board sport is a reasonably minor a part of the anime as a complete, it has been became an actual board sport with a full algorithm. The first draw back to this board sport is that it’s costly and can price most individuals over $400 to buy.

Capsule Monsters

Yugi on the cover of Capsule Monsters Coliseum

Duel Monsterssomebody best digital card gamesfrom Yu-Gi-Oh removed from being forgotten, however the identical can’t be stated precisely Capsule Monsters. Capsule Monsters is a sport. Yu-Gi-Oh The anime collection is twice and bears robust resemblances to many fashionable turn-based technique video games.

Capsule Monsters not often obtained bodily variations of the sport, however there have been a number of totally different video video games created based mostly on the sport, and it was often known as essentially the most notable. Capsule Monster Colosseum on PlayStation 2.

Cardfight Pioneer

Cover image of Cardfight Vanguard DD

Many anime collection have tried to create one thing new and distinctive. Yu-Gi-Oh with a central deal with a card sport. Cardfight Pioneer was one of many extra profitable, however by no means turned a family title. Yu-Gi-Oh made.

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Nonetheless, the anime had been profitable sufficient that the cardboard sport seen within the anime turned an actual factor. Whereas the cardboard sport has been obscure since then, it continues to obtain new playing cards with the continuation of its fantasy focus.


Bakugan Geogan Ascendant box

bakugan it was his second time Beyblade with the anime collection Bakugan Warriors. The premise of the present was surrounded by the sport of battle brawlers preventing. bakugan

This has turn into a real-life sport with little orbs rapidly reworking into a special monster; Pokémon With Poké Balls. These orbs are dropped onto Gate playing cards, and the primary participant to get three Gate playing cards wins.


A split view of the main character of monsuno and monsuno cards

On this anime collection, characters known as Controllers used what are often known as Cores to summon Monsunos in a really comparable solution to battle. Pokémon. When a battle is over, the Controller permits Monsuno to return to his Core.

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A card sport was created for monsuno making an attempt to repeat the demonstration and there are even Cores that include some playing cards. Far more has been added to the TCG, past Monsuno playing cards like most TCGs, to assist a wide range of decks.

Dungeon Cube Monsters

Dungeon Dice Monsters board with board, cards, dice and figures originally from Yugioh.

Dungeon Cube Monsters Origin is one other sport. Yu-Gi-Oh and much more is a forgotten sport Capsule Monsters. However these two aspect by aspect Duel Monsters They’re the one video games within the collection which have managed to get actual bodily variations.

Within the anime collection, the principles of the sport are very nicely detailed and the board sport that gamers can buy is an official sport. Yu-Gi-Oh product. There was additionally a online game model. Dungeon Cube Monsters Posted as soon as for one of the best selling Nintendo consolesGameBoy Advance.


Box art for Beyblade Metal Fury.

As soon as upon a time, Beybladesomebody best fantasy games in animewas an especially well-known anime and sport, however misplaced its standing as an unforgettable collection and was plunged into obscurity. The sport focuses on utilizing spinners as two gamers (generally extra) pull the rope ramps again into the sector.

The 2 tops then fly down, spinning and colliding with one another as they spin. There are a number of rounds, however the winner of every spherical is the longest spinning Beyblade. Some stadiums even have off-pitch areas the place one Beyblade can knock out one other.

Dueling Masters

A split view of the main character from the Duel Masters and Duel Masters cards.

Dueling Masters It is one of the vital forgotten TCG collection ever, and it clearly began out as an impressed anime collection. Yu-Gi-Oh. The collection obtained a TCG virtually immediately and was broadcast in English by Wizards of the Coast. Magic: Meeting.

After the cardboard collection was discontinued in 2006, a brand new collection known as Wizards of the Coast was launched. Kaijudo. Nevertheless, this TCG collection additionally didn’t final lengthy because it led to 2014. Regardless that it has been almost a decade since TCG ended, there’s all the time an opportunity for a comeback because the franchise begins airing a brand new anime collection in 2022.

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