10 Animes That Hate A Character

Split-image: Chihiro (Spirited Away), Mei Misaki (Another), Kyo Sohma (Fruits Basket)

Most anime characters they have enemies and most of them have more than one. However some animes take it to the intense that everybody – or nearly everybody – hates a sure character. Actually, the mainstay of the anime relies on this element. Usually the character in query can have achieved little or nothing to justify such hostility.

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The despised character can nobly endure their therapy and show the energy of their character by overcoming it as an impediment. Or they will take revenge and take revenge on their tormentors. Both means, the anime denounces mistreatment, with some emphasizing the wrongdoing of haters by regretting their actions and/or studying from their errors.

10/10 Mei’s Classmates Demand Her Ignore and Blame Her When She Failed

One other

Mei with the girls behind her - another

Earlier than the horror anime begins One other, Mei Misaki was chosen because the annual pupil to be ignored by Class 3-3 to keep away from Catastrophe. The anime options Mei’s enigmatic character, eerie pursuits, and Everyone avoids him except Koichi.

The assertion exhibits that he exists and has been accused of being the estranged particular person within the class, presumably as a result of his friends discovered him unusual. Efforts to cease the curse fail, because it was already in impact earlier than Mei was elected. Throughout a college journey, Mei escapes her classmates who stubbornly imagine she is an immortal pupil and intend to kill her to cease the curse.

9/10 Hidden Leaf Excludes Naruto Due to Tailed Beast


Naruto alone with people watching him and his Kyubi shadow - Naruto

Isolation and discrimination type its fundamental character. narutobuilt-in characterization. He has no dad and mom, few mates, and never with the ability to graduate from Konoha Academy has no enviable success. The opposite residents of the Hidden Leaf initially keep away from him for causes he does not perceive.

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Mizuki tells the horrible fact: The devastating 9-Tailed Beast Kurama was sealed to Naruto when he was simply born, so everybody fears him as a Kyubi vessel. Naruto’s underdog types Secret Leaf’s motivation to gain appreciation and present respect and turn into the Hokage of the entire village sooner or later.

8/10 Because the Cat, Kyo Exists to Make Others Really feel Superior

Fruit basket

Split image: God surrounded by zodiac animals, young kyo with shadowy figures behind him

Posted by Kyo Sohma Fruit basket He suffers from the zodiac curse together with different members of the family. Nevertheless, in contrast to them, it does not truly belong there, as it’s possessed by the Cat spirit, which by no means involves the legendary feast. Whereas different zodiac members can not belong to society, Kyo faces double rejection.

As a Sohma below the curse, she have to be aware of social contact. However different Sohmas look down on him, whispering that he prompted his mom’s dying, and mistreating him due to the Cat’s True Type. Shigure even tells Tohru this. The cat is actually there to make different zodiac members really feel higher about themselves as a result of they not less than discover solace in the truth that they don’t seem to be.

7/10 Chihiro Coming to a Hostile and Prejudiced World

Spirited Away

Chihiro and the other bath spirits keep their noses behind - Spirited Away

The protagonist Chihiro Studio Ghibli2001 film Spirited Away stands out due to human nature. As soon as trapped within the Spirit World, he’s susceptible in a means that spirits should not. Structure and landscapes should not protected or pleasant to folks. Chihiro is continually at risk of being compromised by magic.

When Chihiro takes the prepare to the Swamp Pit, the opposite persons are simply spirits on the facet of the street. Different tub spirits additionally initially mock the concept of ​​working with Chihiro, viewing him as ineffective and human “stinking”. Fortunately, Chihiro acquired his probability. character development, hard work and friendship.

6/10 Aang Has A number of Enemies As a result of He Is An Avatar

Avatar The Final Airbender

Aang trying to unlock Avatar status

From the second Katara by chance frees Aang Avatar The Last Airbender, being adopted. Whereas Crew Avatar supplies help and camaraderie, Aang finds himself a target for his supernatural identification. The Hearth Nation desires to neutralize him. Zuko desires to seize him to regain his honor.

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Aang practically dies within the Earth Kingdom as nicely earlier than falling into the palms of the Hearth Nation. When the characters should not enemies, they resent the Avatar for his hundred years of absence and blame him for what the world has turn into. Or they wish to use it for their very own agenda, like Basic Fong and his want to make use of Avatar Standing.

5/10 Momo Sufferer of Bullying On account of Jealousy and Look

peach lady

Momo Adachi and Sae Kashiwagi go arm in arm on Peach Girl

from Momo peach girl She’s already timid as a result of she does not meet Japanese magnificence requirements. She stands out amongst her friends along with her blonde hair and pores and skin colour and doesn’t really feel engaging. Issues take a flip for the more serious when her supposed finest buddy, Sae, will get caught up in poisonous teenage habits and spreads ugly rumors about Momo in school.

Sae is taken into account one of the manipulative characters in anime for him. the desire to backstab and manipulate his best friend She tries to show folks in opposition to Momo out of jealousy, prevents Momo from reconciling along with her crush, and as an alternative Momo pretends to bully her and performs the sufferer.

4/10 Soma Proves Classmates Can Attempt Tougher

Meals Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma

Erina and Soma from Food Wars

Soma Yukihira, admittedly, doesn’t make an excellent impression of herself when she arrives on the Totsuki Cooking Academy. Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma. He publicizes that he sees his classmates as stepping stones for his private development, which is understandably not going so nicely. However beneath the angle lies a deeper drawback: meals snobbery.

College students like Erina Nakiri sneer at Soma as a result of as an alternative of mastering the high-end delicacies, Soma comes from a easy restaurant. As Soma will get older, the opposite college students proceed to dislike her ever since. proves they can do better provided that they make an effort. As an alternative, they lean on privilege and like a defeatist angle that encourages laziness.

3/10 Lucy Was Hated Her Life For Being Diclonii

Elfen Lied

from Lucy Elfen Lied As a result of he’s Diclonii, he instantly faces human hatred. Diclonii are feared by people due to their harmful energy, vectors, that are unleashed when killing somebody. Nevertheless, stated therapy from people contributes to the Diclonii being feared monsters within the first place.

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When Lucy was youthful, she confronted bullies on the orphanage. They even killed the pet she was taking care of. Nevertheless, Lucy fiercely protects Kouta, the one one who is mates along with her. When Lucy is fierce with people Kouta, who wronged him, is the one issue stopping him from destroying your entire human race for his or her cruelty to his personal form.

2/10 Shoko’s Classmates See Her As A Joke For Her Deafness

A Quiet Voice


Shoko from the 2016 film A Quiet Voice It’s too mild for the surroundings it enters. Shoko, the brand new baby of sixth grade, is hopeful of creating mates, affected person in explaining her deafness, and desirous to please. This makes it hard to digest the teasing of classmates. Regardless of Shoya injuring her by eradicating her listening to aids, they brutally give Shoko a tough time.

Though Shoya is later scapegoated and bullied, her friends don’t admit their guilt for treating Shoko even years later. Shoya regrets what he has achieved and makes amends along with her. However everybody else will get caught up within the blame sport, and Shoko sadly sees herself as the issue as an alternative.

1/10 Sara Loses Her Fortune And Goodwill

Princess Sara

Impressed by the unique 1905 novel a bit of princess By Frances Hodgson Burnett, Princess Sara It tells the story of Sara Crewe, who enters a boarding college in London. When her rich father dies, Sara is orphaned, penniless and subjected to harsh therapy by the headmistress, Miss Minchin, who tries to make her life as tough as doable.

He turns Sara into an unpaid maid and forces her to sleep within the barn. Sara additionally faces bullying, false accusations of arson, and expulsion from the boarding college. Thankfully, Sara is adopted by her father’s buddy and reverts to her former self, escaping Minchin’s clutches.

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