10 Anime Tsundere Better Than One Piece’s Nami

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A piece It contains a actually spectacular forged of characters, together with colourful personalities that are available all sizes and styles. on board being completely satisfied and A Thousand SunnyThe Straw Hat hackers all slot in effectively with their distinctive personalities and worldviews, together with the cute tsundere Nami.

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Nami met Luffy in Orange City and has been his devoted navigator for the reason that battle in Arlong Park within the East Blue saga. Nami is understood for her distinctive navigation/cartography abilities, a love of cash, and her affectionate but irritable character, actually as a real tsundere. Nevertheless, Nami’s character curve has gotten a bit of stale and she or he’s not all the time as cute as a tsundere. Luckily, anime followers can meet many different characters who higher embody the tsundere archetype.

10/10 Chitoge Kirisaki Cannot Deny Her True Emotions


Cute Chitoge Kirisaki looks at Nisekoi.

The principle assault on Chitoge Kirisaki is that she embodies the “fierce tsundere” archetype, identical to Nami. Subsequently, so is his bodyguard Tsugumi. Nevertheless, Chitoge Nisekoi prime characters together with her robust however honest demeanor and her blossoming romance with Raku Ichijo.

Chitoge grew up rich within the Beehive crime household, however he cares extra about friendship, belief, and love than scattering his father’s wealth. Chitoge begins relationship Raku in a pretend relationship, nevertheless it quickly turns into one thing very actual and Chitoge finds it overwhelming, bizarre and thrilling.

9/10 Edward Elric Speaks to Winry in Alchemy Phrases

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Edward Elric as a tsundere in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood’s scientist hero Edward Elric, a really good however hot-tempered boy who acquired his state alchemist license on the age of 12, this can be a outstanding achievement. Along with sustaining his top, Edward is remarkably and refreshingly understated, right down to a tsundere.

Edward Elric wowed shonen followers together with his harmless love for Winry Rockbell, and it is not straightforward to specific his emotions of affection. He usually deflects in alchemy and science phrases that Winry finds annoying. However ultimately Winry agreed to marry him. once you lastly ask.

8/10 Erina Nakiri is a Tsundere/Himedere Combine

Meals Wars!

Erina Nakiri is on the throne in Food Wars!

Food Wars! He has a number of tsundere in him, together with aggressive chief Takumi Aldini, who has turn out to be Soma Yukihira’s one-sided rival. The fan favourite is certainly Erina Nakiri, who embodies not solely the tsundere archetype but additionally the himedere archetype.

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Erina Nakiri is usually hot-tempered, defensive, and reserved to a full-blown tsundere in terms of her new pal Soma. Additionally, smug she as essentially the most gifted chief of her era, who makes use of her princess-like character to flee her abandonment points.

7/10 Nobara Kugisaki’s Personal Girl

Jujutsu Kaisen

Kugisaki Nobara is powered by Curse Energy in Jujutsu Kaisen.

Inside Jujutsu Kaisen On the planet, conservative wizard elders have strict guidelines about women and girls. witch-like Momo Nishimiya largely internalized. Maki Zenin is making an attempt to beat her household’s prejudices towards ladies, and tsundere Nobara Kugisaki has her personal opinion on all this.

Nobara passively challenges unfair gender norms together with her assured demeanor and her snug place on the planet. She isn’t making an attempt to guide a revolution, however she additionally defies all expectations as a tricky, lovely sorceress who does not want anybody else’s approval to really feel good.

6/10 Rukia Kuchiki, Bleach’s Finest Woman


Rukia Kuchiki in Bleach.

Bleach He has many tsunders, together with the protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki, his pal Uryu Ishida, and even the anti-hero Riruka Dokugamine. In the meantime, Soul Reaper Rukia Kuchiki is the fandom’s true lover, a sword-swinging woman with a fantastic tsundere character.

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Rukia is hard and disciplined, but additionally extraordinarily understanding of others and doesn’t hesitate to offer emotional assist. Which means he and Ichigo have good chemistry as tsundere buddies who perceive one another very effectively and fake to be lifelong pals.

5/10 Nino Nakano is Courageous Than Any of her Sisters

The Good Twins

Nino Nakano in The Quintessential Quintuplets.

The 5 Nakano sisters have the identical faces however very completely different personalities. The Perfect Twins. Ichika and Yotsuba are mild streams, Miku is a classic dandereand Nino and Itsuki are positively tsundere.

Nonetheless, Nino stands out greater than Itsuki as a result of she’s bolder and has a extra attention-grabbing dynamic with Futaro Uesugi, the sisters’ widespread love curiosity. It is also the trendiest quintet and has garnered loads of followers all through the story.

4/10 Damian Desmond A Nervous Little Boy

Spy x Household

Damian Desmond is kind of happy on Spy x Family.

Damian Desmond is one in all anime’s youngest and cutest tsunderes and is Anya’s classmate at Eden Academy. Spy x Family important story. Damian is quick-tempered, defensive, and can’t deny his harmless love for the charming Anya Forger.

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Damian usually taunts Anya and pushes her away, however she has her personal issues too. He’s below nice strain to mimic his older brother Demetrius and struggles to earn his father’s approval. Slowly although, Damian lets his guard down and lets Anya assist him thrive.

3/10 Hanako Koyanagi Loves Cosplay and Arguments

Wotakoi: Love Is Onerous For Otaku

Hanako Koyanagi winks in Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku.

Wotakoi: Love Is Hard For Otaku small string -represents most stream sorts, Hirotaka Nifuji is an icy kuudere and Ko Sakuragi a cute dandere. In the meantime, Hanako Koyanagi and her colleague-to-boyfriend-turned-boyfriend are each charming tsunderes with severe demeanors.

Hanako usually blows her head off and enters matches with Taro shouting good-naturedly, however they all the time make up ultimately. Hanako can be an enthusiastic and multi-talented cosplayer who’s eager to contain extra folks like Narumi and Taro.

2/10 Inosuke Hashibira Needs Tanjiro to Reward Him

demon hunter

Inosuke from Demon Slayer in battle stance.

Demon Slayer The very best supporting character is Inosuke Hashibira, a wild and ferocious tsundere who appreciates his pals, however outwardly he is not too scorching and furry about it. Inosuke was on their own, however now the hero pays homage to Tanjiro Kamado as ally and unofficial chief.

Inosuke is hard and confrontational on the skin, however secretly values ​​his new friendships as effectively. He will get excited each time Tanjiro praises or compliments him, and having Tanjiro round all the time motivates Inosuke to struggle all of the demons even more durable.

1/10 Tomo Aizawa Nonetheless Unraveling Himself

Tomo-Chan is a Woman!

Tomo Aizawa points to himself in Tomo-Chan Is A Girl!

Tomo-Chan is a Girl! is a highschool romantic comedy starring cute tomboy Tomo Aizawa, decided to win her boyfriend’s coronary heart it doesn’t matter what. Tomo is snug being a hard hitting karate enthusiast, however he needs Jun might see his woman aspect too.

All this, mixed with Tomo’s robust mood and reckless demeanor, makes him a sympathetic and surprisingly advanced tsundere who needs to be seen not simply as part of himself however who he actually is. This makes it straightforward for Tomo to take root, even when he often embodies the “violent tsundere” archetype.

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