10 Anime Swordsmen Who Can Give Zoro a Good Fight

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One piece Roronoa Zoro is often thought-about among the many best swordsmen of all time. He spent his whole life and greater than 1,000 episodes perfecting his craft and getting stronger with every subsequent battle.

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Since his fateful encounter with Mihawk, Zoro has promised to by no means lose a battle once more. Nonetheless, there are lots of anime swordsmen who will problem him considerably as a result of their distinctive strengths and bodily attributes. Zoro could quickly be one of the best swordsman of his personal collection, however competing with all anime universes is a complete totally different matter.

10/10 Akame’s Pace ​​Offers a Large Benefit

Akame Ga Kill!

In Akame ga Kill, Akame is ready to kill.

title character Akame Ga Kill!, Akame’s velocity is dazzling. Whereas unlocking his full energy, he can transfer so quick that even a time-stopping opponent can not determine him.

Regardless of Zoro is fast enough chasing after his personal photos would by no means have been in a position to reciprocate such an unbelievable ability of quickness. It nonetheless has benefits when it comes to energy and flexibility, however a well-placed hit will nonetheless be sufficient to complete it off. It might require him to remain alert all through all of his fights.

9/10 Nnoitra’s Stamina Overshadows Zoro’s Stamina


Nnoitra licks her hand at Bleach.

bleach Nnoitra was an uncommon however environment friendly fighter. Whereas the swordsman has beforehand fought a number of armed enemies like Hachi and Hyouzou, his a number of extensions can provide him a slight benefit over Zoro.

Nnoitra’s greatest benefit is its sturdiness. Referred to as Espada with the hardest Hierro, he is in a significantly better place than the reverse to soak up Zoro’s abuse. Zoro may have survived two emperors On the similar time, even thwarting his assaults was sufficient to place him within the hospital, forcing him to neutralize throughout considered one of Onigashima’s prime moments for the heroes.

8/10 Polnareff’s Perspective Would possibly Take Zoro Offensive

JoJo’s Weird Journey

Polnareff from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Polnareff was probably the most excellent swordsman on this planet. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. The “Silver Chariot” Stand may transfer sooner than the attention may see when its armor was eliminated, and was expert sufficient to chop off fireplace by itself.

Polnareff’s greatest benefit, since Zoro can’t physically see his Stancelowered their means to battle him. Thankfully for the Straw Hat, each its placing energy and sturdiness put Polnareff to disgrace. Zoro is ready to finally defeat his opponent with a decisive, direct assault, however he’ll take some fairly severe accidents within the course of.

7/10 Zoro Has No Reply To Sasuke’s Extra Highly effective Methods


Sasuke with mangekyou sharean in Naruto.

Whereas Sasuke’s swordsmanship was first rate, he had many different traits that made him one of many world’s fiercest shinobi. naruto. For instance, his Susanoo was almost impregnable, considerably decreasing the caliber of Zoro’s assaults.

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Extra importantly, his Sharingan can engulf Zoro in everlasting flames via Amaterassu or swap locations with him to stability his methods. Genjutsu can be notably helpful to confuse Zoro and provides Sasuke the possibility he must strike a killing blow. Zoro could also be a superior warrior to Sasuke, however the one-dimensional toolkit presents loads of alternatives to take advantage of.

6/10 Zenitsu Perfected the Single Approach

demon hunter

Zenitsu Thunder Breath in Demon Slayer.

Demon Slayer Zenitsu is at a severe drawback in opposition to Zoro. His powers solely activate whereas he is asleep, they usually’re no match for his opponent’s sheer physicality or huge expertise with weapons.

Nonetheless, Zenitsu has practiced the “Thunder Breath” method a lot that she will be able to kill most targets earlier than they notice their very own demise. There’s nothing greater than Zoro keeping off such a frenzied assault, however he’ll want each ounce of focus and should underestimate Zenitsu till it is too late.

5/10 Estarossa Feeds Zoro’s Perspective

seven lethal sins

Estarossa from The Seven Deadly Sins.

Like Seven deadly sins’ In Commandment Of Love, Estarossa has many powers that make it utterly unfair to battle Zoro. For instance, since these with hatred of their hearts couldn’t hit him, he would have the ability to use the swordsman’s often sarcastic demeanor.

Moreover, Estarossa’s personal model of “Full Counter” permits it to replicate bodily assaults at twice their unique energy. If Zoro tries to defeat him with one final transfer, he could finally be killed by his personal energy.

4/10 Kirito’s Expertise Generally Challenged Actuality

Sword Artwork On-line

Kirito is at war in Sword Art Online.

Ought to Kirito’s digital achievements be translated off-world? Sword Art Onlinecould be virtually unstoppable. The younger man defied actuality on many events, together with having the velocity to beat an invincible problem and with the ability to understand Heathcliff even after his opponent allegedly stopped time.

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Much more spectacular, Kirito has eluded the bullets of a number of the most expert gaming snipers in historical past. All of his achievements present he is able to maintaining with Zoro, even when he nonetheless lacks his opponent’s particular assault selection and uncooked, unfiltered muscle.

3/10 Ryuko Is Extra Robust Than Zoro

Kill La Kill

Ryuko Matoi swings her sword in Kill La Kill.

kill La Kill Ryuko was an extremely highly effective fighter, in a position to detect enemies attacking at lightning velocity. Because of this though Zoro could depart after photos of himself, he should have the ability to detect and react to his each transfer.

Ryuko’s greatest benefit is her stamina. A half-life fiber hybrid can survive any assault that does not clearly reduce itself off from both facet. True, Zoro wields three swords, and whereas it would take time to understand his weak point, he’s exceedingly expert at distributing it that manner.

2/10 Kenpachi Zaraki Pushes Zoro’s Limits


Zaraki from Bleach.

Kenpachi Zaraki’s philosophies of energy have made him one of many hardest warriors on this planet. bleach spirit realm. He was so robust that he intentionally weakened himself with an eye fixed patch in order that their battles in opposition to smaller opponents would last more.

given Kenpachi can create massive craters With just one hand in his weakened state, he can truly show to be Zoro’s bodily superior if he chooses to not maintain again. As Zoro is near changing into the world’s best swordsman, Kenpachi doesn’t must restrict his personal energy.

1/10 Zoro Hasn’t Handed Mihawk But

A chunk

Zoro and Mihawk's first fight in One Piece.

Regardless of Zoro’s greatest efforts, he has but to surpass Mihawk, the world’s best swordsman. A chunk. Whereas the warlord’s powers have but to be absolutely explored, he haphazardly defeated Diamond Jozu at Marineford and defeated the World Authorities’s strongest troopers once they inevitably betrayed him.

In a position to destroy whole armadas with out dropping their breath, Mihawk is at present superior to Zoro in each conceivable manner. Moreover, most of the strikes Zoro at present makes use of have been taught to him by Mihawk, which implies that all of his techniques may be countered.

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