10 Anime Characters Who Mostly Use Their Feet

10 Anime Characters Who Mainly Use Their Feet

How anime characters struggle and the way they carry themselves can inform the viewer loads about their personalities and lifestyle. Anime heroes depend on unorthodox quirks to maintain followers engaged. separate them from others. Whether or not a hero from a battlefield or a sports activities drama, all characters develop totally different motion kinds to go well with their talents, agenda and physique.

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Most depend on their arms and arms to struggle their opponents or a perfect unique martial art style that makes use of the entire physique. Nevertheless, these anime characters largely depend on their ft to get the job performed.

10/10 Sanji By no means Dangers Injuring His Arms In Battle

A bit

Sanji Vs.  Kalifa

Any person strongest fighters in your teamBlack Leg Sanji A piece He perfected a novel kick-based martial artwork to commit his arms to his true ardour, cooking. The chief of the Straw Hats values ​​their arms as a sacred software for getting ready meals.

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Nevertheless, limiting his arsenal does not make Sanji any weaker. In reality, his strokes are highly effective sufficient to blow most opponents away. Sanji’s superhuman decrease physique power additionally offers him unimaginable velocity and agility, making his distinctive Black Leg Model extraordinarily laborious to withstand.

9/10 Kakeru Has Been A Skilled In Operating Since Excessive Faculty

Run With The Wind

Run with the clipped wind

most important protagonist Run With The WindKakeru Kurahara is without doubt one of the solely members of the Kansei College Monitor Membership with actual working expertise. He was the highest runner in highschool and nonetheless is. takes sports very seriously.

At first reluctant to affix the crew and chilly in the direction of her new housemates, Kakeru steadily warms as much as her new mates and believes of their desires of working the Hakone Ekiden marathon. For Kakeru, her legs and ft are the primary instruments that stand out in her sport.

8/10 Kisara’s Kickboxing Abilities Ought to Not Be Underestimated

KenIchi: The Strongest Disciple

KenIchi's Nanjou Kisara: The Strongest Disciple

Nanjou Kisara, a petite fighter with unimaginable agility KenIchi: The Strongest Disciple Utilizing his mastery of Tae Kwon Do, he can simply take down a lot greater and stronger opponents. Utilizing his ft with superhuman accuracy and dexterity, he totally embraces the distinctive kick-based nature of this martial artwork.

Regardless of her fragile look, Kisara is a chatty tomboy who by no means backs down from a struggle and likes to taunt her opponents. No enemy ought to underestimate her threats, as Kisara’s kickboxing prowess makes her one of many strongest fighters within the sequence.

7/10 Toph Feels Objects Round Him with His Toes

Avatar The Final Airbender

Toph Beifong in the Earthbending Ring in Avatar the Last Airbender

Toph, whose ft are on stable floor, Avatar The Last Airbender Though he’s blind, he can sense the whole lot round him. An earthbender of immense talentToph makes use of seismic sensing to navigate the world round him and outsmart his opponents in battle.

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His ft are rather more delicate than different folks’s as a result of he makes use of them to connect with the earth and to really feel its slightest vibrations. Toph’s distinctive earthbending type turns his pure disadvantages into weapons, making up for his lack of sight with an elevated sense of contact.

6/10 Rin Itoshi Perfected the Accuracy of His Kicks

Blue Lock

Rin Itoshi Blue Lock

One of many strongest gamers within the common soccer anime Blue LockRin Itoshi is famend for his superior kicking accuracy, which permits him to make use of a wide range of totally different methods and rating targets from lengthy distances.

In a sport that depends on leg power and precision, Rin excels at near-perfect strokes with out neglecting the significance of approach. Any person top scorers of the seriesRin is robust, skilled and unpredictable, thinks quick and at all times goals for the very best outcomes.

5/10 Zenkichi Mastered A Distinctive French Kickboxing Model To Defend Medaka

Medaka Field

medaka box zenkichi

From Zenkichi Hitoyoshi Medaka Field He focuses on Savate, a French kickboxing fight sport that makes use of expert footwork. Robust sufficient to trigger a small earthquake, Zenkichi educated his physique from childhood vigorously to remain by Medaka’s aspect.

Savate is an unimaginable type for disarming opponents, which is why Zenkichi favored it within the first place resulting from his concern of preventing. Over time, he mastered the footwork to turn out to be an extremely highly effective fighter combining agility with pure bodily power.

4/10 Deku’s Preventing Strategies Are Largely Based mostly On His Toes

My Hero Academy

Deku Shoots Through Metal

Proper after taking on One For All, the protagonist My Hero AcademyIzuku Midoriya struggled to make use of his newfound powers, constantly harming your body at conflict. Nonetheless, After training under Gran Torino With extra management over his and Strangeness, Deku started to rely extra on his ft than his arms, spreading the facility extra evenly all through his physique.

Kicks go well with Deku rather more than punches, and strengthening his ft has allowed Deku to enhance his mobility and velocity, unlocking new potential for One For All kind.

3/10 Chuuya Not often Confronts Enemies He Cannot Defeat With Simply A Few Kicks

Bungou Stray Canines

Chuuya Bungou stray dogs

Offended mafia boss Nakahara Chuuya Bungou Stray Dogs He harnesses his inhuman power in a struggle, utilizing kicks as an alternative of punches. His potential, On Flawed Sorrow, manipulates gravity, and Chuuya by no means takes off his gloves until he has to make use of his final kind, Corruption.

In Chuuya’s thoughts, the one scenario the place he would wish to make use of his arms, apart from Corruption, is to guard himself from a very formidable opponent. Till now, no one in every of this caliber has ever intercepted Chuuya.

2/10 Suzuka Values ​​His Abilities As A Monitor Excessive Jumper Above All


Suzuka and Yamato from Suzuka

The titular hero of the romance anime Suzuka He’s a sports activities prodigy specializing as a excessive jumper. The power and agility of his decrease physique made him a sought-after athlete in lots of prestigious excessive faculties. Suzuka doesn’t take his sports activities profession frivolously, consistently striving for self-improvement and afraid of disappointing others.

Holding herself to the very best attainable normal, Suzuka exhausts herself by training typically, doing her finest to turn out to be knowledgeable in athletics, even when it negatively impacts her social life and psychological well being.

1/10 Mikey Simply Takes Down Most Criminals With One Kick

Tokyo Avengers

Mikey, leader of Tokyo Manji Gang in Tokyo Revengers

Fragile wanting and brief, Manjiro “Mikey” Sano Tokyo Avengers totally earned the standing of one of many strongest fighters within the sequence. His signature approach is his highly effective, fast hits that may incapacitate an opponent in a single blow.

Agile, versatile and expert in martial arts, Mikey is more durable than any atypical prison. Mikey’s power mixed along with his superior management abilities and charisma permits him to face on the prime of the Tokyo Manji Gang, giving him concern and respect for any opponent who dares stand in his method.

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