10 Anime Characters Who Have Lost Their Soulmate

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Whether or not or not they are a canonical presence in a fateful anime setting, viewers can inform when a pair is actually meant for one another. There are fewer tragic moments in storytelling than when destiny or circumstances tear them aside. Whereas it’s potential for one of many {couples} to proceed dwelling with out the opposite, they’re modified endlessly by their loss.

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Some tales are supposed to be quick; Does not make them any much less significant. Characters who lose their soul mate by no means utterly lose their soul mate as a result of they carry their recollections collectively, even when they do not imagine in ghosts or an afterlife.

10/10 Hotaru and Gin Needed to Keep Away From Every Different

Forest of Fireflies

Still from Into The Forest Of Fireflies' Light.

Forest of Fireflies based mostly quick movie. a one-shot shojo manga. Hotaru met the not-so-human Gin when she was youthful, and the 2 grew up collectively. She helped Gin when she was six years previous when she bought misplaced within the woods, and since then they’ve met each summer time and spent the vacations collectively.

Hotaru and Gin can by no means contact one another, or Gin will disappear from the human world. Whatever the limitation, the 2 fall in love. Catastrophe ensues when, regardless of all their warning over time, Gin helps a boy arise earlier than he realizes he is human. Hotaru and Gin made essentially the most of their restricted time collectively.

9/10 Menma Will All the time Look At Jinta

Anohana: The Flower We Noticed That Day

Super Peace Breakers in Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day.

A gaggle of highschool college students should come to phrases with the tragic lack of their good friend Menma. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day. Sooner or later, Menma’s spirit seems earlier than her previous good friend Jinta. He had a tough time shifting on along with his life as he was in love along with her since his demise however he by no means instructed her. The implications of this determination are nonetheless felt at this time.

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When Menma cannot come again to life, her visiting spirit helps her reconnect along with her group of pals, which broke up after her demise. Seeing Jinta reconnect with their neighborhood, Menma’s spirit can transfer on.

8/10 Erina and Jonathan Had been A Good Match

JoJo’s Weird Journey

Jonathan and Erina in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

For such a histrionic present, season 1 finale associated to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure surprisingly heartbreaking. The ultimate episode begins with Erina and Jonathan Joestar reuniting as they embark on their honeymoon journey.

Dio Brando crashes the ship and shatters Erina’s goals of the long run for Jonathan to finish the items. Jonathan’s closing act is to avoid wasting Erina, utilizing all of her remaining energy to maintain Erina out of hazard. Regardless of dropping the love of his life, he lived nicely and introduced up his kids and his ward, whom he discovered on the ship; Jonathan can be proud.

7/10 Jiro Horikoshi Lived for Two Causes

the wind is rising

Jiro and Nahoko share an umbrella in the rain in The Wind Rising.

Jiro Horikoshi needed to marry Naoko Satomi regardless of his considerations about his well being. the wind is rising. Though he handed away at a younger age, Jiro has no regrets as a result of he spent all his time with the love of his life as greatest he may.

Because the title suggests, Jiro’s love of flying and designing airplanes is as integral to him as his love for his spouse, Naoko. A wind telling him she’s lifeless. He is nonetheless along with her, even when it is simply in her goals, and he or she’s telling him to maintain dwelling for himself.

6/10 The Unhealthy Man Dies for the Lady

Magic Knight Rayyearth

Princess Emeraude and Zagato hug in Magic Knight Rayearth.

Princess Emeraude Magic Knight Rayyearth Regardless of all his efforts, he fell in love with Zagato. Zagato is seen because the villain for imprisoning the princess. The magic knights kill Zagato, believing they have to do that to avoid wasting the princess and assist Cephiro.

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Princess Emeraude is totally heartbroken; Every thing Zagato did was for him. Emeraude and Zagato is without doubt one of the most heartbreaking anime pairings. Zagato is a refreshing tackle the kidnapping villain trope in a satisfying and in the end tragic reversal.

5/10 Dracula cannot go on with out Lisa


Dracula and his wife, Lisa, are in Castlevania.

Dracula has already lived for hundreds of years. kalevania, When he meets the lady who would change into his beloved spouse, as evidenced by his citadel filled with scientific discoveries, Lisa. Lisa is a mortal and stays mortal even after she marries Dracula and offers him a son named Adrian.

Dracula was bloodthirsty and bored Earlier than he arrived and after he was killed by individuals, he went utterly bankrupt and have become an offended butcher. Whereas she was alive, she had persuaded her husband to strive issues he had by no means cared to do earlier than, similar to touring and experiencing the world with new eyes.

4/10 Fiore’s Misplaced Mamor

Sailor Moon R: The Promise of the Rose

Fiore from the movie Sailor Moon.

Mamoru reveals his previous with Fiore sailor of the month R: The Promise of the Rose. Shortly after dropping his mother and father at an early age, he befriended the alien boy Fiore. Nevertheless, Fiore couldn’t face up to the Earth’s ambiance for lengthy, and the 2 have been compelled to separate, although they beloved one another very a lot.

Fiore by no means stopped loving Mamoru, however Mamoru understandably developed emotions for Usagi after the 2 reunited and recalled their former life on the moon. Fiore discovered Mamoru once more, however as soon as once more, the 2 of them needed to half, albeit graciously.

3/10 Christa and Ymir Trusted Every Different Most

Assault on Titan

Ymir and Christa deliver on their promise in Attack On Titan.

Ymir helped Christa when she wanted to begin her life over with a nickname. Attack on Titan. There’s a hidden greatness inside Christa and he or she additionally brings out the most effective in Ymir. They each develop a detailed friendship that turns romantic once they prepare within the 104th corps.

Top-of-the-line love confessions in anime is the letter Ymir wrote to Christa simply earlier than she met her demise. Once you misplaced Ymir, lost that person seeing it because it actually is.

Vampire Slayer D: Bloodlust

Meier Link and Charlotte in Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust.

Issues do not go nicely when vampires, together with Meier Hyperlink and Charlotte, fall in love with people. Vampire Slayer D: bloodlust. They might barely be collectively for various weeks, with Charlotte’s life coming to an finish, a lot much less.

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Meier grieves for him. Then D and Leila watch Meier choose her up in a spacecraft and depart Earth endlessly. Maybe essentially the most hopeful of artistic followers can theorize that he introduced Charlotte to a spot the place he may discover a solution to deliver her again.

1/10 Spike Is Nonetheless Considering About Julia

Cowboy Bebop

Julia and Spike take a break in Cowboy Bebop.

Spike and Julia are hapless lovers, first separated by her ex Vicious and ultimately separated by his demise. Cowboy Bebop. Though their time collectively was temporary, there was nobody else for Spike.

Inside Cowboy BebopSpike is an especially emotionally distant particular person, however falls in love with Julia nearly from the second he sees her. Years later, Spike nonetheless talks about Julia as if she’s nonetheless alive and her coronary heart nonetheless belongs to him.

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